Joe Pereira’s post-game transcript: 12/11 at RPI

By Arielle Aronson/DFP Staff

On what happened at the end of the game
I think it was just a lot of frustrations on both parts. The game got away from the referees and the game got away from us a little bit. It’s over now so you can’t really do anything about it.

On whether he looks for the team to respond like that
No I think it was just a lot leading up to that, a lot of frustrating game. During the whole game, there were some tough calls both ways and I think some guys lost their cool a little bit.

On why the game got away

You can’t really blame the refs. Bottom line we didn’t play as well as we should have. Yeah, we played hard but we didn’t get it done, so you can’t really blame anybody but us.

On struggles on special teams

I think the PK was great for the longest time. We’re struggling a little bit now. Just two bad rotations and they scored two goals, which really set us back. When we get Chris back, he’s a good playmaker on the point or playing up front. He can play either one, so I think that could help our power play a lot too.

On the record going into break

It’s still, from what we were last year to this year, it’s still a great turnaround obviously. We’re still young, we’re still learning how to play, and every team is going to struggle a little bit, have their ups and downs. As long as we keep facing adversity, keep getting through it, I think we’ll be okay.

On what he would say to the team before they leave for break
Can’t really say one word, just kind of tell the boys we get away from each other now which is always good. We’ve been with each other all summer and all year so I think a good two, three weeks away from each other and everybody coming back recentered, refocused, I think that would be good too.

On what the ending of the game says about the team
It shows how close we are. We’re a group of guys where you mess with one of us, you’re gonna mess with the whole team. Obviously we’re going to fight and we’re going to battle with each other. We’re going to win together and we’re going to go down together, and that’s a good thing.


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  4. I really hope the team isn’t planning on going down together… winning together sounds way more appealing. Maybe the change of scenery in Chicago will do them some good.

  5. We will know the first game how they respond from this game and what effect the break has on the team. First game is against Brown who we had that ugly 4-4 tie with a couple weekends ago at home. A possible rematch with Notre Dame will be a good test too then two tough road conference road games at UVM and Merrihack(not Merrimack)