Nick Bonino, Ross Gaudet and Kieran Millan Postgame Transcripts

Transcriptions by Arielle Aronson/DFP Staff

Nick Bonino

On his 100th career point:
It’s exciting. I mean, it’s an honor to join the other guys who have gotten the 100 points already. Making the play is half the battle. You need guys who can put it in the net. Ross was big tonight getting the goals, and then Popko added it for the 100th. So, it was good that they were there and shoving it in I guess.

On if they’ve turned a corner:
Yeah, I think so. I mean, we don’t want to get too comfortable yet. We’ve had a few games like this and then we’ve reverted back to past ways. We’re happy with tonight, but we have to get just as prepared tomorrow and Sunday for Monday’s game as we did this week.

On what was said in the player’s meeting earlier this week:
Basically that we’re in it for each other. We’re playing for the 26 guys in the locker room. That we don’t have a lot of time left. We’ve kind of been saying that the whole season, and now it rings more true than ever. That there’s 11 games left in the regular season, and if we want to do something with this year, it’s got to start now and it’s got to continue through the next game. So, guys I think are starting to finally realize that and we’ll see what we can do with it.

Ross Gaudet
On if not looking past tonight was emphasized in practice:
I think it was. We all had to concentrate on the game ahead. It was a league game. We knew we needed two points and it was two big points for us. Every game matters at this point. We have to take it one game at a time. Beanpot game wasn’t on our mind tonight. It was just the Massachusetts game tonight and getting two points.

On playing with Bonino:
Whenever you play with a guy like Nick, you know you’ll be seeing the puck. He’s a great playmaker, so he told me before the game, ‘If you get the puck just shoot it,’ and I think I tried to do that pretty well tonight. Anytime the puck is on his stick, you have to be ready to receive a pass and get the shot off. Also, it was great playing with Joe again, as usual. He worked hard tonight and he made plays for us tonight as usual, and it all turned out pretty well.

On if he’s exceeding his own expectations:
I’d say a little bit. I came into the year just wanting to get into the lineup, and then hoping to work my way in. The fourth-line player is a grinder, and that’s how I started out. Things have been working out for me. I’ve been fortunate enough to get a few goals here and there, just been able to put the puck in the back of the net.

Kieran Millan
On if he’s in a different place after break:
I think that having a break from hockey every once in a while is a good thing, not just for me but for the entire team. Just having those couple weeks off where you don’t have to worry about the next game or anything like that really helped us change our attitudes and helped us refresh ourselves and get back to the way we know we need to play. For me personally, I just try to keep it simple. For the most part, I think our team is playing a lot better in front of me, and it makes it a lot easier for me.