From the FreeP: Parker calls out team leaders

By Jake Seiner/DFP Staff

Boston University men’s hockey coach Jack Parker didn’t have much to say after Saturday’s 4-1 loss to the No. 16 University of New Hampshire. The list of positive things he had to say was even shorter.

“It’s hard to comment on this game, because I don’t want to take away from how well New Hampshire played,” Parker said. “I thought they played very well.”

That’s about where the positivity ended.


1 thought on “From the FreeP: Parker calls out team leaders”

  1. If this is an ongoing problem with leadership perhaps it is time to make some changes. The overall success of the program is what is important, not individual players… it is a T-E-A-M. Try also getting some of the less used players into the game. I’m pretty sure they will give 110% and give a damn (as JP said the team needs to do).

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