Jack Parker Postgame Transcript

Transcriptions by Arielle Aronson/DFP Staff

General comments:
It’s hard to comment on this game because I don’t want to take away from how well New Hampshire played, because I thought they played very well. But I thought we absolutely stunk. I saw Craig Janney, who announced the games last night and tonight, and he said, ‘Hey, you laid an egg tonight, but you had a good game last night.’ And that’s exactly what we did. We laid an egg tonight.

It’s obvious to me that leadership is lacking. Our juniors and our seniors had horrible nights tonight, in general. I’m worried about our freshmen and sophomores thinking this is how you are supposed to play, especially our freshmen.

I thought we had a pathetic emotional effort tonight. Our team was not ready to play. I could tell it from two minutes into the game. It’s a sad statement that our team, my team, was not ready to play hockey. They’re just easily satisfied or it’s not that important to them.

On UNH’s first breakaway:
We don’t give a damn. That’s what it seems like.

On if there could be a drastic change in how team is run:
I haven’t thought of that.

Is this the hardest team he’s ever had to mentally figure out?
No, it’s not hard to figure out. It’s sad that that’s what we have though. It’s sad that we have so many guys whose give-a-[expletive] lever is way down. We got too many guys whose give-a-damn lever is way down. They can bring it up once in a while, but in general . . . So, I would say that that starts from the captains. It absolutely starts from the captains right now. The captains can’t understand that they don’t know how to get themselves ready to play a game, never mind get the rest of the team ready to play a game. That’s very frustrating.

On the freshmen’s penalties:
I think Alex [Chiasson] is playing really well right now. I think Megan is playing his best hockey so far. I think Courtnall and Santana were just getting . . . they played really well tonight, I thought. Santana’s penalty was a stupid penalty, hitting from behind. Megan’s penalty was a stupid penalty. It was a slashing penalty. I haven’t seen them take a step back. I haven’t seen them take stupid penalties, but I haven’t seen them take a step back as far as . . . they’re getting pretty good. And I thought Trivino played really well tonight, too. I thought he had a hell of a game.

On Millan possibly pulling away as the number one starter:
I didn’t think Rollheiser was as sharp as he could be, but we left him out to dry, too. He stopped two breakaways. He made some big saves for us. He’d like to have a couple back. We got pummeled pretty good in that second period.