Nick Bonino and Eric Gryba Postgame Transcripts

By Arielle Aronson/DFP Staff

Gryba on motivating the team tonight

First thing we did was make sure that guys’ confidence wasn’t completely depleted after last night. We did some good things last night, and we needed to build on it. It was a little easier because we were playing BC tonight, to get guys fired up and to get guys focused and what not. They know what’s on the line, so it was easier for guys to come ready to the rink to play.

Bonino on BU’s struggles in the third period

It’s tough. It was a good game back and forth, a good hockey game. The third period, the puck just jumped into the net for them. That goal they got to break the tie, Shatty’s fronting and it just hits the stick and goes slow into the net. It’s just one of those games where we have our chances and they have theirs, and they end up scoring. I thought we played hard and battled to the end, but the puck just wasn’t going in.

Gryba on Parker calling BC a better team

Obviously, BC is always going to be a good team. I don’t think we’re playing at our best just yet. We’re excited for when January comes around and we’re playing at Fenway. I think hopefully everything is straightened out by then. But we have a good night, they have a good night, it can go either way, but I like our team.

Gryba on what went wrong on the third goal

There was some miscommunication on the bench in terms of who was going out next. For a bit, maybe for five seconds, we had three guys on the ice. Then finally a fourth guy jumped out, and then finally a fifth guy jumped out. So, there was some miscommunication. I’m not sure what happened up on the forwards’ end of the bench there. It’s just one of those things, maybe coach forgot to say something or the line that was up forgot to, something could’ve happened up there, but I think it was just a miscommunication.

Bonino on the power play

We talked about it after the game, a few of us. We were happy with the way we were moving the puck. We were getting pucks to the net. The 5-on-3 was pretty much a 5-on-2 because the kid broke his stick, and I was just laying them out to Colby for one-timers and he just couldn’t get the puck on net. They were blocking the lanes pretty well all night. It’s tough to go 0-for-5, but that’s not a game where we go 0-for-5 and we can’t get set up or we can’t get control of the puck. That was a game where we’re getting the pucks to the net and we’re moving our feet and moving the puck, and the puck just wouldn’t go in.

Bonino on why that seems to be happening a lot

Good goalies, I guess?

Bonino on the success of his line

Whatever line Joe plays on, he’s going to give them a little jump. I think on the goal, Chiasson was actually out there, and he was the one who battled on the wall and tied the puck up, and I was able to grab it out of there. But playing with Joe and playing with Chris, they’re two speedy guys who, Chris is real creative, and Joe, they’ll underestimate him and he’ll get the puck to the net and he goes hard to the net, so every point is covered on that line.

Gryba on what he meant by getting excited for January

I didn’t mean it like that we’re forgetting everything until then. We have RPI this weekend coming up and we need two points out of that. To get two points out of that and then take a break, everyone take a step back, and really come back prepared for the second half. But first we need to get two points against RPI.

Bonino on whether the break will help the team

I think it usually does. I know last year, we were just rolling the whole year, but I know my freshman year, we got off to a similar start. I think we’re more talented this year, and I think we’ve found what kind of team we are quicker this year. I think we know we can work hard, and when we work hard, we’re getting pucks to the net and we’re just not getting wins. I think the break will be good. Everyone can take a step back and look at how this half has gone. The freshmen can look back on their first taste of college hockey and see what they have to improve on. Same with us. I have to look and see what have I done differently this year from last year. Am I not getting my feet moving or something? It’s just a good time to reflect and look forward.

Bonino on the end of his 39-game streak of scoring a point and not losing

I guess so. I’m ready to start another streak with Gryba scoring.