Vinny Saponari and David Warsofsky Postgame Transcripts

Transcriptions by Arielle Aronson/DFP Staff


On his goal

Zach made a nice pass across, and I was just trying to spin to protect the puck, and I just took a shot at the net. I think it bounced off a UNH player, so I had a little bit of luck there, but I’ll take it.

On the play of his line

Me and Corey got to play together a lot last year too, and we’ve always kind of clicked together. Zach’s a big kid, and he works hard, so he’s easy to play with. We got the chance to play back-to-back nights together, which is always nice because you get a little more chemistry when you get used to guys. We’ve been practicing like that for a while, too, so it’s been going well for us.

On Trivino’s finish on his goal

Me and him both have a had a lot of those chances on the power play. We’ve been working on those in practice a lot. We stay after a lot to work on shots like that. That one, he got a lot of wood on that, and luckily it went under the goalie’s arm I think. We just need to keep shooting and hopefully it will keep going in.

On getting more comfortable as a power-play unit

Yeah, definitely. We spend a lot of time together after practice and messing around and stuff like that, and that definitely helps.

On what he’s working on

Just trying to move my feet more and more. I have a big body, so I just try to move my feet and use my body to protect the puck and hang onto it and make plays down low in the offensive zone. So, I’ve just been working on my foot speed and stuff like that.

On the team blocking 21 shots in the game

Basically, it’s just being committed to the team. Before the game, Bavo was talking a lot about how we need to be committed and do the little things to win, and that’s what’s been missing from our games. We haven’t won games, we haven’t pulled them out, and blocking shots is a big thing. So, we really tried to put a lot of effort into that tonight.


On moving back to defense in the third period

It was a little different at first, but I’ve played defense my whole life, so once I got back there, it was kind of an easy transition. So, it wasn’t too bad.

On the performance of the top line during the first period

I thought we were playing well. We had a lot of chances down low. We just couldn’t bury it, kind of how our season’s been going. We haven’t been getting those bounces.

On his goal

I just passed it up to Nick, and then he made a nice play to Alex, and then Alex saw me in the slot, and luckily it went through.

On the adversity the team faces in terms of their record

We’re trying to stay positive. We’re not getting blown out of games. It’s just those one-goal losses, two-goal losses, where the pucks just aren’t going our way. Everyone knows in the locker room that we have the talent, and we’re just trying to put it all together. A shift’s going to come. Hopefully, this is a jumpstart to the rest of the season.

On the penalty kill

I think we killed penalties pretty well. They have a pretty good power play and shoot the puck a lot. It’s all set up around that umbrella where they just move it across and they fire it. I think holding that team to 1-for-6 on the power play is pretty good. I know they had a lot of shots, but I think we did a great job of blocking shots, too. I’m not exactly sure how many of those shots got through to Grant.

On Rollheiser’s play

He definitely played well. It’s always a lot easier, especially for a defenseman, to be able to count on your goalie back there. We make mistakes, but he’s always there to pick us up. So, it’s nice to have that.

On his cross-checking penalty in overtime

I’d like to blame it on the refs, but I try not to. I mean, it’s a penalty, nothing they can do about it now.