Welcome to The Boston Hockey Blog, the official hockey blog of The Daily Free Press. We’ll be covering everything related to the Boston University men’s hockey team, every Boston Bruins home game and a lot of BU women’s hockey. We’ll drop the puck on our coverage this Wednesday with Hockey East media day and follow up with a live blog from the Bruins’ season opener on Thursday.


  1. Boston hockey blog… where is Harvard, NU and BC? Just get rid of the Bruins stuff and call this a BU blog.

  2. Look at the BU jerseys, they say “Boston” on them, it’s understood, and if that’s the only gripe you have with this, please save the tacky comments for someone who cares

  3. Harvard’s in Cambridge, hadn’t you heard? Go find the Cambridge hockey blog

  4. not to mention BC’s in Chestnut Hill and NU’s going to be terrible without Thiessen this year, so are they even worth talking about?