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(So basically, the Internet at this arena won’t let us upload videos to YouTube. We tried several different methods, but to no avail. So here’s a transcript of head coach David Quinn’s postgame comments — we’ll try and upload a video in the morning, but for now, you can see all of his comments here.)

Opening comments:
“Well, just really proud of our guys. Obviously a tough building to play in. Get down 1-0, really thought we were on our heels for the first six or seven minutes, and I thought we really recovered. Got it together in the first period and battled back to tie the game. Did a real good job in the second period. Again, I thought we were playing well in the third, get the goal to make it 3-1, and then take two penalties that just really gave them life. Our penalty kill was huge, blocking shots, our goaltending was outstanding. It’s not easy coming into this building, let alone after you play last night in a hard-fought game against Yale. But, boy, it certainly says an awful lot about our team. About our character, our resiliency, our work ethic. And those qualities can take you a long way through the course of a hockey season. A great way to end the break. Is our record what we want it to be? No, it’s not, but our makeup is. And that’s more important than anything.”

Forwards beating a goalie of this quality?

“I think our forwards do a real good job down low. They understand puck possession. We got some talent, too. We got some size, we got some skill, so that can pose a problem for some people. If you look at the shot chart, I think we were on the net a lot, we were at the net a lot, we paid a price at the net for our goals. And you’re going to have to do that against anybody, but in particular against this team because the way they’ve got some good, old defensemen and they’ve got a great goalie. We earned our goals. We earned our goals.”

Play of Greenway?
“He’s been playing outstanding hockey. And what you saw tonight is a guy that’s got an incredible future. He keeps getting better and better. He’s an absolute monster out there, he’s tough to defend. I talked to the Quinnipiac defensemen and asked what they think about going in the corner with him or anybody else we’ve played. And he’s getting rewarded on the scoresheet, which is nice to see. He had a monster weekend for us.”

Quinnipiac as good as advertised?
“Oh yeah. They’re a really good hockey team. Really good hockey team. He does a great job, they got some talent. Again, I keep coming back to the penalties in the third period, but again, we’re a little bit gassed, too, obviously from playing back-to-back. But five-to-one penalties. We cannot play two ECAC teams, we got two power plays over the weekend. Welcome to ECAC hockey.”

Maguire in net
“He’s been a great goalie at this level. He keeps getting better and better and he missed a full year. I think it would be unreasonable to expect for him to come back and pick up where he left off. But I loved his attitude, his work ethic. And I knew this day was going to happen. I was hoping it was happening tonight, and he played outstanding.”

Baillargeon’s overall game?
“Pretty good. Robbie played pretty well tonight. That line was pretty good, too. It’s tough losing Ahti when we did. But Phelps did a great job playing with Robbie and Bobo. Bobo had a good night again as well. It’s a true team effort. Every guy in that room contributed in some way, shape or form. It’s a feel-good win for sure.”

Update on Oksanen?
“Nothing yet, a little too early.”

Joy in the room?
“Yeah, anytime you win your last game before you go into a break there’s joy. And again, hey, you’re playing the No. 1 team in the country, undefeated, so there’s a lot of joy, a lot of joy. Especially, you know, when you put as much into it as we did, you feel a little bit extra happiness, a little extra joy because you earned it, you sacrificed, and that’s what we did tonight.”

Mentality of team after falling behind early
“We’ve been a great group rebounding from losses. Last year we didn’t lose back-to-back games. This year we finally lost a back-to-back, lost to UConn and then went down to Merrimack and played a great game against Merrimack and lost 4-3, probably a night where our goalies probably would like to have some of the goals back. But, we always have, so far, responded when we lose. And people who have seen us play, we bounce back. We played pretty well last night. A minute stretch cost us the game. We gave up two goals in the last minute of the second period and it kind of cost us the game. But I wasn’t surprised with our effort, that’s for sure.”

If one goalie emerges, will you give them priority as starter?
“Absolutely. Absolutely. I’m a one-goalie guy. That being said, if both guys play well you play them both.

Could Maguire earn that position?
“Those who play well get rewarded with further play. Absolutely.”

Why Dillon Lawrence over Tommy Kelley?
“Dillon’s looked good in practice. Nothing Tommy didn’t do, more of what Dillon has done. He’s a big kid, he can skate, he’s got a good shot, he can handle the puck, confidence is a problem for him. I liked what I saw tonight. He’s a good hockey player.”

TRANSCRIPT: Minnesota Duluth reacts to 3-2 loss to BU

Head Coach Scott Sandelin

Opening Comments

“First of all, congrats to David [Quinn] and BU. It was a great hockey game, just unfortunate the way it ended. Hats off to them…a lot of back and forth, zone time for both teams in certain situations but they made a play at the end, right at the end of the power play, won a hockey game…they’re moving on and we’re not.”

Penalty call near end of game

I was surprised [at the call]. There are things you can’t control, all we can control is trying to kill it, we almost did and they ended up making a great play and scoring the winning goal. It’s frustrating sometimes but just trying to get our guys focused on the penalty and we almost did. Tried to keep it 2-2, keep the game going…try to win in regulation or try to win it in overtime.

Game control in third

“We talked about the same thing. They came out and had probably a little more jump. It’s tough to generate anything when they were winning races and getting pucks to the net, which they do very well. We had some long, extended shifts. They only had two shots one time they had the puck a lot and sometimes you have to weather those. They’re a good hockey team with some offensive players and we knew that they were going to put pucks at the net all night and they came pretty hard in third. At the end of the day, it was still 2-2 and they had some chances and we had a few, not as many as in the first couple of periods just unfortunate it has to end on that.”

Willie Raskob’s play

“He went through some ups and downs this year but the second half and certainly the latter part of the year, he really played well and I think you saw a real strong weekend from him, things that he can do. He’s still young—he’s a sophomore, but he was a true freshman, it was nice to see. Next year he’s going to be a key component back there [on defense] like he was this year, but a year older.”

Kasimir Kaskisuo’s play

“I think he’s played great all year, he’s had a tremendous year for a freshman and he’s been a backbone for us. He made timely saves, key saves at a lot of moments in the year….you need great goaltending to win games and they got to steal games for you. Today was no different, he was just solid, it was nice to see him grow as the year went on. For me, it was just another game that he played well in.”

Eichel and Minnesota Duluth Defense “You can sit and focus on him…you have to pay attention on any team to the best players. He’s certainly a great hockey player that’s a threat any time he’s out there and our guys did a good job. Like every team there’s other players, that’s no different throughout the year, his linemates are good. I thought their fourth line had some good shifts, some good energy shifts with some good looks. It happens sometimes when they don’t get points but they’re still a factor in the game and he certainly is one of those players. Most of the times it might not seem like those guys are getting points but they are doing other things but they find a way to make that play….he’s a pretty special player.

Younger Players Experience (this weekend)

“When you start the year you have goals for your team—regular season, regular season championship, tournament championship and then the ultimate is to be one of the teams playing at this time of the year. We fell one step short of step three, which is getting to the Frozen Four. You can talk about all the experiences but they have to go to live this, for our seniors, this is the second time for them unfortunately it had to end this way just like it did when they were freshman but hopefully our young guys can get some experience knowing how hard it takes to is to get to this point, how hard it is to continue past this point…in one game shots they’re difficult.

You can’t control bounces, you can’t control those types of things but I think any of these experiences are good for all your players especially your young guys. Hopefully they come back extremely motivated and try to get here again and to try to go further, the ultimate goal is to win a national championship, we had a chance but we just fell a little short so they should take some good experience from it.”

Sophomore forwards Kyle Osterberg and Alex Iafallo

On how this experience will help next year

Osterberg: “It’s our first time coming to the tourney so it was a pretty special experience. Being still young, I think we can take out the experience and do it next year.”

On the senior leadership

Iafallo: “Our seniors had great leadership throughout the whole year. I’m proud of them and I want to thank them for the whole season. They showed us all the ways to score and to play hockey, so it was fun being with them.”

On the team’s offensive effort

Iafallo: “I thought we had a couple chances and we could have buried those. We could have had a couple bounces but that’s how hockey is. BU had a good game so you have to respect them. It’s a tough one to swallow, but that’s how it goes, I guess.”

On BU taking control late in the game

Iafallo: “I guess they just through everything at us but we held our ground. I thought it was going our way but they just kept throwing pucks on the net.”

On being a victim of tough breaks

Osterberg: “It’s things that we can’t control. We did what we had to throughout the game by playing the way that we should have. Give credit to BU for taking advantage of that opportunity.”

On if the close loss stings more than a blowout

Iafallo: Of course it stings. It’s not how you want to end a season. I didn’t expect that to happen.”

On if the team got the effort they wanted

Osterberg: “Yes, definitely. I thought everybody played their hearts out. The seniors got us ready for each and every game and I think it was shown on the ice that those guys were the ones that really carried the team throughout the weekend.”

TRANSCRIPT: Evan Rodrigues and Matt Grzelcyk following BU’s 3-2 win over Minnesota Duluth

Rodrigues on his first goal

“At the end of practice we play games where we bat pucks up in the air and just start wacking them. So I kind of knew I had a beat on it and I’d make contact.”

Grzelcyk on Evan’s game-winning goal

“It was unbelievable. It’s something that he’s done quite a lot over his four years here. To have that patience down that stretch-we’ve really relied on him, Jack, Danny and guys who can perform in the clutch. As soon as I passed it to him, I wanted him to shoot because he seemed to be wide open, but he made a great play and just a great shot after that.”

Grzelcyk on a senior scoring the game-winning goal

“I honestly can’t think of anyone who is more deserving. Him and Cason just meant a lot to this program and we’ve been through a lot of adversities these past couple years. I’m sure it’s a great feeling for him to see the puck go in the back of the net.”

Grzelcyk on Rodrigues being the hottest scorer in the nation since January

“Getting the opportunity to play with Jack and Danny is second to none. When we came back from Christmas, we wanted to make sure that we amped up our play, but he’s been electric all year. Seems like every time he gets the puck it seems like he’s making a play. Everybody knows that he has the skills, but not everybody knows he is one of the hardest workers on the team and he really sets the tone for the rest of the guys in the locker room.”

Rodrigues on Brandon Fortunato’s play tonight and his assist

“He’s been strong for us all year. We have four Freshman defensemen and it seems like every game they show up and they’re very consistent for being Freshmen. He’s been good all year. He seems to always make the right play and he’s extremely smart. He never gets caught in bad situations and he never makes the wrong play which is kind of surprising for a Freshman. It was a great play. The puck came across and he pinched up on the D, there was a battle for the puck and he just wacked it. It went flying up in the air and I took a nice swing at it.”

Rodrigues on his four years at BU

“Me and Cason have been through quite a bit of diversity starting our Freshman year. Then we came back, we had a good Sophomore year. We were one goal away from making it to the tournament. We were one of the hottest teams in the country going into that game and that was kind of heartbreaking. Then, obviously, last year was the exact opposite of what BU hockey is. it just seemed like nothing went our way. One goal games. Bounces. So this is just an incredible feeling. Even our juniors have been through it all. They came in the full front of the task force and they’ve done an unbelievable job of playing through adversity and leading this team. Especially ‘Grz’, you couldn’t ask for a better captain. To get back to the garden and into the Frozen Four for our Senior year, you couldn’t cap it off any better way.”

Grzelcyk on getting to the Frozen Four in Boston

“It’s obviously pretty cool. I think I’d be just as excited if the Frozen Four were anywhere else. Obviously, we’ve had a pretty good amount of success at the Garden so it’ll be nice to get back on familiar ice. I’m sure the guys will be excited to be back in the environment.”

Rodrigues on being a clutch leader

“I think my sophomore year I had a good stretch and a good season. After what we went through last year, coming into this year I knew I didn’t want my senior year of my career at BU to not be what I expected to be. I’ve been putting as much work as I possibly can to make this a special season. I think I’ve just gained more and more confidence throughout this year and I’m getting to play with two great linemates. I’m trying to keep my work ethic consistent to help me with the results and our team.”

TRANSCRIPT: BU coach David Quinn after 3-2 win over Minnesota Duluth

Opening statements

“Well, I’m running out of things to say. I can’t tell you how proud and happy I am for every guy on our team. It’s just been an incredible season so far. We know that there’s still a big challenge ahead of us. But we’re certainly going to enjoy this over the next few days. I don’t know if I’ve ever been around a bunch of guys that work as well together as our guys do, that care about each other as much as our guys do. The work ethic is second to none. The commitment to each other is unmatched. It’s just been an incredible six, seven months. We certainly understand that our work isn’t done yet, but we’ll think about that after these next few days because these guys deserve to enjoy what they’ve just experience. Especially the guys who return from last year after what we went through.”

A huge reason is the two guys to my right (Matt Grzelcyk and Evan Rodriques). Not only are they star plays, they’re star people. Our room is littered with star people and it’s really been a special, special group.

I wasn’t surprised how that game unfolded. It was kind of like a heavyweight fight. We controlled the first few rounds. Almost had a couple of opportunities to deliver a knockout punch. Then they’d come back and dominate for about 10 or 12 minutes. Then we’d come back and dominate for about 10 or 12 minutes.

After two periods you’ve got a 2-2 tie and then I thought that we did what we do best. I thought we played a great third period. We were relentless. We were smart. And we just did the things we needed to do to win an incredibly important hockey game and extend our season”

On the thin margin between winning and losing

“At this time of the season, every opponent is going to give you a lot of difficulty. They wouldn’t be playing if they weren’t. In the all-important third period I thought we took control of the game. Whoever we play a week from Thursday, they’re going to pose a problem for us or they wouldn’t be in the Frozen Four. There’s a lot of good hockey teams out there. There’s a small margin of error in every college hockey game and that margin gets smaller and smaller the later you player.”

On winning 39 of 61 faceoffs

“If you look back, we have actually come a long way on faceoffs because the first few months we were so horrific. . . . We’ve been a much better faceoff team. It’s tough to shake a reputation because we were a bad faceoff team early and people just keep saying that. I guess I’m surprised at how well we did tonight, but it’s been a much better part of our game over the last two or three months.”

On defenseman Doyle Somerby

“He was immense. He had a great first half. Thought he was kind of OK for a period of time and he’s really elevated his game. He’s been a lot more decisive. He’s making good decisions. Very active on the forecheck. Did a great job the last 20 seconds with the goalie pulled. You have a tendency when the other team has six and you have five to kind of sit back and watch. We did that when they almost scored. I thought after that, OK, the guy’s got the puck let’s go defend him. Everybody else has to protect, but don’t give him time. He did a great job jumping. The guy had the puck down by the left of our goalie with about eight or nine seconds to go and people were indecisive and Doyle took charge.”

TRANSCRIPT: BU coach David Quinn following 3-2 OT win over Yale

Opening Statement:

“What a hockey game. I’d like to congratulate Yale on a great season. It’s no mystery why they’re in this tournament. They play as hard as anyone we play against, they’ve got a great goalie. It really was everything that we thought it would be. We knew it would probably come down to a one-goal game — possibility of overtime.

I think this game, in a lot of ways, was a microcosm of our season. I thought we looked a little nervous early, give a lot of credit to Yale for the way we played early, I thought they were at their “A” game, they were just a half-a-step quicker, winning a lot of battles and then it was funny, once they went up 1-0, I thought we just started playing better. It was almost like the pressure was off. We’re a lot more comfortable being down then we are ahead for some reason and I just thought after that, we started playing,

I thought for the most part, early in the game, I thought our defense were backing off quite a bit, they weren’t involved in the offense. We were turning pucks over — again, give Yale a lot of credit, they’ve got great sticks, they’re quick on loose pucks — but I really liked after we went down 1-0, I thought we started playing. It was almost like, it was a little bit of a relief, the pressure is off for some strange reason, don’t ask me why, and after that, I thought we played the way we needed to play.

In the second period, we didn’t have a shot in between the hash marks, and you’re not beating anybody, let alone Yale, if you’re gonna play that way. I thought in the last three or four minutes, we did a good job in the second period, then in the third period, I thought we did all the things we needed to do. I thought we did the things we did against Merrimack and Lowell and we got rewarded for it.

To get the goal in the fashion that we did — our D got involved offensively, Somerby makes a great play on the overtime goal, pinches in, keeps the puck alive — Jack backs him up, Evan and Danny get to the net front, Jack gets a puck to the net and Danny gets a rebound overtime goal and we’ve seen that movie before.

Just an unbelievable game. Again, a microcosm of our season in many ways. We’re just fortunate and excited about playing again tomorrow night.”

On a night where one of your freshmen might have had a little nerves, how important was it to have guys like Rodrigues, O’Regan and Grzelcyk have such good nights and be such integral parts of the win?

“Well, that’s always important. That’s what kind of gets lost in the success we’ve had this season. As Evan alluded to, we are the youngest team in college hockey. Again, because of our record, I think people at times can loose sight of that, but one of the reasons we’ve been able to overcome our slow starts, why we’ve had great third periods, why we’ve had the season we’ve had, is because of our leadership. And I’m not just talking about four seniors, I mean, our juniors, our sophomores have assumed a leadership and its kind of got contagious throughout the roster. It’s just, we never think we’re out of it. … It was eerie the way the feeling kinda changed on the bench when we went down 1-0. Everybody seemed to be a little bit looser and we started to do the things we needed to do if we’re gonna generate offense and have some of the success we’ve had through the season. Without question those guys are pivotal to our success. They really set the tone for our season, They embraced a big freshman class and I’ve said this before — we are a true team — and that certainly plays a large part to how our retuning players accepted the freshmen.”

What does it say about your team that you didn’t let Yale’s comeback offerings deflate them?

 “You know, at this time of year, you’re not gonna spend 60 minutes in the offensive zone. You’re playing good hockey teams and you’re gonna have to weather a storm, you’re gonna have to fight through a difficult shift. I thought we did a good job of that. Obviously our power play goes 0-for-7, that hasn’t happened very often this year. Give them a lot of credit, I thought they did a great job killing penalties, their goalie obviously was a big part of that, they do a great job with their sticks. They make your earn every inch of ice, but again, no matter what the hump is, we’ve seemed to overcome it so far this year. We’re prob going to have a few bumps in the road in tomorrow’s game no matter who our opponent is. That’s the way it’s gonna be from here on in and in college hockey, that’s usually the way it is night in and night out.”

See any similarities to 2009 team?

“Well, we’re similar in that we’re playing to get to the Frozen Four, but I think our teams are different. That team had a big senior class. We weren’t relying on 8-10 freshmen a night. We knew the year before, we almost made the national tournament, we knew we had a good team. There was a lot of uncertainty going to this season. I think people are probably surprised, maybe not now, but as the season was unfolding, I think people might be surprised at the situation we’re in, because we’re picked to finish sixth in Hockey East and rightfully so after the year we had last year. A lot of people probably didn’t think we’d have a lot of success this season. Obviously, Jack brought a lot of attention and fanfare to us, but we had a lot of good returning players too. But to me, the biggest difference between this team and that team is that team had a lot more experience than this team. It was a little bit more of a veteran-laden team, where as this team, we rely on a lot of freshmen.”

What went through your mind when you saw that you had to play Yale?

“I said to this to the team — I’m sure it happens in all the other sports — you get your draw in the NCAA tournament and you think, ‘Oh god, why are we here? Why are we playing that team? We got screwed.’ Everybody says that. You’ve just gotta play. You’re in the national tournament, you’re playing good hockey teams. You can’t sit there and try to figure our why you’re playing who you’re playing and where you’re playing. You just gotta show up and play the hockey game.

I could hear some of the mumblings after the selection show, our guys are no different that everybody else. 18 year olds always think that someone is trying to screw them. Our guys are no different.”

What was Yale doing to stop you from getting zone time early on?

“Well, they were playing quicker than we were, they were more physical than we were and they were winning more battles. I know that may be simplistic, but that’s the truth. We looked nervous, it’s like Evan and Danny talked about, we are the youngest team in college hockey. I know we’ve been in some pressure situations throughout the last month, but never in a situation where if you lose, your season is over.

We played the Beanpot championship and that’s an exciting, pressure-filled game, but you know you’re gonna play another game. We played the Hockey East semifinals and finals, those are pressure situations, but you know you’re gonna play another game. This is a whole new ballgame. I think it really showed early and again, it says a n awful lot about a team when you can play as poorly as we did and again, I don’t want to discredit Yale. One of the reason we weren’t playing well is because they were playing well, but to be able to turn it on like we did says an awful lot about our mental toughness.”

TRANSCRIPT: Yale comments after OT loss to BU in NCAA regional

Opening statement from head coach Keith Allain
Allain: I thought it was a hard-fought game, and I think BU’s a very good team. Well-coached. I wish them luck going forward in the tournament.

After second period, with 1-0 lead, was that the style you wanted to play against BU? What changed?
Senior Trent Ruffolo: I guess the first part of that, our goal was to get the get the first goal of the game, it was definitely our mission. I don’t think anything changed on our end, but I think they may have picked it up a bit, I thought it was a pretty even-matched game, especially toward the end here.

After you kill off penalty in overtime, did you think you had a chance?
Ruffolo: Yeah, we looked to take any momentum off of that kill. Our goal was, going into overtime, to take it out of their control first, and we’ll get it back to our game.

What will you remember about seniors?
Ruffolo: I don’t know if I can explain that. My classmates are some of my best friends at school. It’s definitely hard to go out like this but I think that’s what makes it special, we are such a close class.

Pace of first period — did early effort come back to bite you?
Ruffolo: I disagree with that. I don’t think that we held back at all. I think that’s exactly the style of play that Yale hockey should be associated with. I don’t think that bit us in the butt at all. That’s just how we play.

How much of a battling team did you have this year?
Ruffolo: Yeah, I guess that’s pretty much our character all year long. We fought … I feel like that’s part of our identity as a team, we fight till the very end. And it works out that it had to end the way it ended.

BU getting upper hand in second half of game? What changed?
Allain: I think they had three strong plays. The shot total got run up with the power plays.

After two periods, with lead, did you have them exactly where you wanted?
Allain: Well, exactly where I wanted to be was up 4-0 after two (laughter). But it was the kind of game we thought it would be. We felt it would be to our advantage if they were chasing us rather than us chasing them, but that’s not exactly what it would be.

Impressions of Eichel?
Allain: We went up against a great BU team, first of all. But I think Jack’s a terrific player, he’s probably the best player in college hockey this year, and he’s only a freshman. And I think he’s got a really, really bright future ahead of him.

Consistency of team?
Allain: I think this team has overachieved, and I agree that they have been consistent in in-game performances. And it’s really because of their consistency in their approach. I can’t think of two practices in the past six months where I wasn’t happy with the effort they gave, the energy they brought or the mental preparation they brought to practice. And I think we need to practice like that on a daily basis, and things go back to being consistent on the weekends and that’s what this group was.

How proud are you of the achievement after uncertainty of making tournament in first place?
Allain: I’ve had pride in this group all year long, that Harvard series was a heck of a series and we ended up losing that in overtime, but I was extremely proud of my team after that series. I guess I’m not thinking about pride right now because this is what I expect from this group. This is what they are, this is what they do. So they’re just being themselves.

Scoring opportunities off turnovers?
Allain: I think it’s what we try to do on a game-to-game basis. We consider ourselves a strong forechecking team, we like to apply pressure on the puck all over the ice, and do that effectively. Not just with one guy but with all five guys kind of acting in concern with creating turnovers.

How surprised about penalty with 10 seconds remaining?
Allain: I don’t have any problems with the officiating out there tonight, if that’s your question.

Transcript: Coach Quinn after loss to UNH

General comments
First of all, a great effort by our guys in the third period, but I’d like to congratulate UNH. I thought they played real well early, I thought they played real well for the weekend. Like I said last night, their record’s real deceiving. We just obviously came up here, and I thought we got off to a decent start. Great chances early, and then just irresponsible play defensively. A lot of puck watching in our end. But they can do that to you. As a coach you’re always trying to wrestle with, are you the cause of not playing well or are they playing well and it’s causing you to be on your heels a bit? I thought it was a little bit of both. But you can’t get down 4-0 to anybody in this league, and give yourself a chance. But we did. I thought when we made it 4-3, I really felt we had the momentum, and they did a good job holding the fort. Just a tough way to start the game, being down 4-0 at the beginning of the third period is just something that — the chances of coming back are minimal. And we almost did it, but didn’t get done.

Final icing call?
One guy thought that the guy gained the line, the other guy thought they tipped it. So I didn’t like either answer.

After post shot at the end of the 2nd, did you think you’d come back out with energy?
Well, based on what we’ve done all year, I did think that. One of the things we talked about was hey, I don’t know if we can come back, let’s just play better. Let’s play better. Let’s feel good getting on the bus. At least we put forth a consistent effort for 20 minutes. And then we get the two quick ones, and all of a sudden the complexion of the game changes in the third. Although I thought we gave up some unnecessary chances after we made it 4-3. We only needed one, and we were playing like it was 4-0. We gave up some great chances to make it 5-3. Our goalie played well, and gave us a chance to tie it. But based on what we’ve done all year, I was anticipating a lot of pushback. I thought we started doing it a lot toward the end of the second, too. But we just couldn’t buy a goal.

Decision to pull O’Connor?
Just momentum. Had nothing to do with his play. He’s played a lot of hockey and I just thought what the heck. They’re not listening to me up to this point so maybe if I pull the goalie they might actually get a little rattled and pay attention. They scored a goal a minute later, so that didn’t really work.

It’s nice because we’re gonna need him to be productive offensively. I really couldn’t believe he only had one goal going into the weekend, so it’s nice to see him score some goals and get rewarded. He’s had a heck of a year.

How did UNH stop top 2 BU lines?
I haven’t criticized our top line too much, but they didn’t have to do too much to defend our line. They were doing a good job defending themselves with their soft play.

What goes into third-period comebacks?
I can’t tell you that. There is a secret formula that we continue to use that we’ve bottled it and we can’t reveal it. (laughter) I have no idea. I wish I could tell you. I have no idea.

Transcript: Jack Parker following number retirement ceremony

By Tim Healey/DFP Staff

Following his number retirement ceremony during the first intermission of Boston University’s 4-1 win over Northeastern Friday night, former coach Jack Parker — never one short for words — met with the media to discuss the transition to retirement, the state of BU hockey and his relationship with David Quinn, among other topics.
Here is a transcript.
On having his number retiredObviously joining Travis Roy, I never thought that was a good idea, maybe a new coach would change it, but I never thought it was a good idea. I always wanted other people to wear the same number that somebody else who was a great player here [wore]. In our dressing room, in everybody’s locker we have whoever wore your number on the wall, so they know who wore their number before them.

It was awful nice to have that happen. As I mentioned, and I think we’re not retiring a great player’s number, we’re retiring a guy who played here but also was a coach here for 40 years. The reason I was the coach her for 40 years was because I had so many great players. It’s as simple as that.

On the transition to retirement and watching from a distance Actually, it’s a lot easier than I thought. I’ve turned the page pretty quickly, and I’m real close with David Quinn obviously, and I’m not around for him too much — I don’t want to be looking for his shoulder. We have a great relationship. We have lunch once a week but we don’t talk too much about hockey. We socialize.

But I’m trying to stay away from the hockey. I come to the games with my grandchildren and watch the games, but I haven’t seen all the games, I’ve seen probably about one-third at home.

And I’ve been away a lot. I did a few things for BU on road trips or functions. They wanted me out in L.A. and Dallas and San Fran and places like that. And I’ve also had the chance to take some winter vacations that I’ve never had a chance to do before. I’ve gotten into skiing a little bit. I just started taking lessons skiing, so I’m going to see if I like to do that if I can not kill myself.

But in general I thought it’s been pretty easy. I’m really happy that the program’s in good hands with David, I’m really happy that they have a great recruiting class coming next year — the next two years actually — and I think that the program will jump back from this year very quickly.

On the number retirement ceremony happening on senior night It was supposed to happen earlier and it got snowed out [Feb. 15], and I think it was even better that it was senior night, to see all these guys. Obviously I have a close relationship with all of them, especially the captains, so it was really nice.

On which alumni were in attendance Mike Grier’s here, Jay Pandolfo’s here, Travis Roy’s here, Danny Ronan’s here, Matty Gilroy’s here, Marc Hetnik’s here, Jack O’Callahan’s here, Eddie Walsh is here. There are a few of them around. And there are other guys not in the [luxury] box, that are in the seats.

On the significance of former players visiting as the program tries to rebuild I think it’s important for them to know what happened before, but that’s why they came here. I think it’s nice there was a big crowd here tonight. We haven’t drawn well lately. It was a real nice crowd here tonight, so I appreciate that, the fans showing up. It’s good for the players to see that and get the support they need.

On if he’s surprised this year’s team has struggled Eh, I guess I’m surprised a little bit. I’m not immensely surprised because we got surprised by guys leaving that we didn’t think were going to be leaving, and a couple of them were real late leaves. We’d have a pretty good team if Charlie Coyle and Adam Clendening and Sahir Gill and Matt Nieto were still here. There all supposed to be seniors — that’d be a pretty good club right now. So losing those guys really hurt. Losing Nieto and Gill as late as we did really hurt. And we also lost a couple of others guys that left the program, so it’s a real thin team this year that we haven’t had to face before. It looked like it was going to be a good team coming back because we made it to the Hockey East final last year, we were third place in the league, we had a pretty good second-half run and looked like a pretty good hockey team. And now all of a sudden, guys started leaving. So that really hurt the program. The guys that are leaving are gone, and the guys that are coming in are great, so we’re in pretty good shape right after that.

On the ovation for Travis Roy I always say, the worst that ever happened to me in 40 years of coaching the Boston University hockey team or my 49 years of being around the program was the injury to Travis Roy. And the best thing that ever happened to me was the way the BU community and the hockey community reacted to the injury to Travis Roy, how Travis and his family reacted to it.

It was a tale of two cities. The worst of times and the best of times. And amazing how it worked out, how proud he’s made us of him.

On whether David Quinn has asked him for advice Yeah, we talk a little bit. As I say, I’m not going down talking to him. My office is right down the hall from him, and if he wants to see me — if I’m there — if he wants to see me, he can come down and say hello. But we talk at least once or twice a week, but it’s not ‘You out to do this, David, or you out to do that.’ I kind of of let him vent about how he’s feeling and what’s going on. It’s been a hard year for him to go through.

On whether or not he misses his old office Yeah, it was pretty nice. I have a nice one now too, but not quite as big. My brother said we could rent it out for functions.

BU player transcripts: Game 3 of Hockey East Quarterfinals

Following are the postgame transcripts from senior goaltender Kieran Millan, junior assistant captain Alex Chiasson and sophomore defenseman Garrett Noonan.

Kieran Millan

On seeing so many shots
I don’t know I guess it kept me in the game. They threw a lot of pucks on net and were really shooting for rebounds I think a lot. Obviously you don’t want to give up that many shots, but we were able to gut out a win tonight and we played really well the second half of the game and throughout overtime so that’s a good step in the right direction. Hopefully it can carry into next weekend.

On how he dealt with the turnaround in BU’s play
Obviously getting a lot of shots gets you into the game pretty early. I let in a couple of goals I’d like back. Going into the third period when we were down a goal, I just really re-focused and was just doing what I could not to let another goal in and give our team an opportunity to come back. They were able to do that and then when it gets to overtime, you just don’t want to be the scapegoat so for the most part, you just try to stop everything that comes to you. Give your team time to get their opportunities and score.

They obviously had a few good opportunities and I was able to make big saves, but at the same time, our defensemen were doing a good job and making me have the ability to challenge and come out and make those saves because I wasn’t worried about a backdoor pass or anything so it’s a team effort, keeping the puck out of the net for that long is nice, but for Alex [Chiasson] to score is nice. I think there are a lot of guys on our team that played really well in the second half of the game. If they continue to play like that, we’ll have a good chance of going far next weekend.

On his final game at Agganis Arena
Yeah it was almost a little emotional when we did the salute I guess. You don’t really think about it that much when you’re playing, but or even this entire year, I haven’t really thought about it, even at seniors night, but it really is coming to an end a little bit and it’s weird to think that I’ve spent four years here, well me and all the other seniors have spent four years here and all the things we’ve been through. Just being over, it’s kind of sad, but at the same time, we have a great opportunity ahead of us to win something big and then go out with a bang, so we’re focused on that, but it has been a pleasure to play here.

On where this game ranks in his BU career
It’s tough to out-do any of those games, when we won the Hockey East and national championship my freshman year. Aside from that season I think this was probably the biggest game for us as a team, us seniors and juniors have gone a few years here without winning anything, so I think we’re all committed to giving our best and doing what we can to making a final push and win something as a group because it’s our last opportunity and for a lot of us, it’s our last chance to play here.

On how many shots he thought he saw
I would have thought maybe a little less. They threw a lot of pucks on net from the blue line or whatnot trying to get rebounds, so when you make those saves, you don’t really think about them, they just kind of go by without really noticing because they’re not very difficult, but it’s hard to gauge how many shots you have in a game unless its up on the scoreboard because you don’t really keep track . You’re just trying to keep the puck out of the net, give your team an opportunity to win.

Alex Chiasson

On the game-winning goal
I don’t how really. I think Conno [senior captain Chris Connolly] passed it to [junior forward] Wade Megan there and then Wade kind of moved it a little in the middle and then came back on the outside and I think that D just kind of froze and then he just shot it and I think in the chest or in his pads. He bounced it in front. I thought he played great all weekend. That’s what we were trying to do, just get pucks on him and trying to get a rebound and you know I happened to be there. I think it went five-hole. It was probably the biggest goal of my career for sure.

On scoring a goal in overtime
I mean obviously I think when you look at overtime, goals are always early in the period or late, most of the time, so I thought that first one, I had pretty good wood on it too but kind of missed that and he made a great save. Obviously I thought that coming back in this game, we worked too hard to just let that go so, it didn’t matter if that was me or someone else. It was just a great team effort. I’m so happy for all the guys. I thought Kieran just kept us in the game the whole weekend, and without him, we wouldn’t be here for sure.

On what sparked the team’s comeback
I think it all started with [junior assistant captain Justin] Courtnall, the way he was playing. I thought he had a pretty big hit there in the second at one point. For some reason, the game just changed right there. We just happened to have more momentum. It feels like everyone got their legs back and everyone’s making better decisions. It’s funny how that happens, but that’s part of hockey and that’s why we play 60 minutes. Sometimes it doesn’t work your way for the first 20 or 40, but you just have to keep working. I just thought that Courts kept us in the game for sure.

On the strength of the sophomore class
Definitely, I mean, if you look at our defensemen, Garrett [Noonan] and Adam [Clendening], definitely you know the two are the best defensemen in Hockey East or college hockey. Their talent just speaks for itself. I think they’ve challenged themselves throughout this year of becoming better players but better leaders too. That’s what we needed I thought. These guys have done a great job, and then you look up front and you look at Matty [Nieto] or [Sahir Gill] Giller those guys are just, it’s funny. They’re so young but they act like they’ve been through a lot, so as a captain and for a lot of the older guys, it’s not like we have to worry about these guys to make sure they’re really playing. They know every game is huge and we can rely on them to be great players for us.

On the team’s resilience
I think with everything we’ve been through, I think it started after Christmas how we were so resilient. I think it starts with everyone believing in ourselves. It doesn’t matter if we’re down four goals or we’re down one, I just think there’s that fire in the whole team that we know we’re capable of coming back in every game and that’s something you can’t really explain as to how does that happen. I think it has to do with our team chemistry and how guys just believe in the whole team concept. I mean we were down 4-1 and I was on the bench and I honestly thought that we were going to come back for some reason. I think this team has just been through so much and so much adversity that we believe in ourselves and we take pride of doing the right thing on the ice, and it’s great that we get the outcome of tonight and we keep playing for the Hockey East championship.

On how the team needs to improve
Right definitely. It’s kind of hard playing three in three. I think that has something to do with it, but I guess going down the stretch now, we’re going to have to win games back to back on Friday and Saturday so we can’t afford going down 2-0 or 3-0. It’s going to have to start with the first period, the first 10 minutes. Stick to our system. It’s something we’re going to have to work on. I think it started last week against Northeastern and kind of creeped[sic] in a little this week but I think like I said before, we got a little work to do, but we got the best goaltender in the country probably so he makes[sic] a good job to take care of a little mistake here and there.

Garrett Noonan

On what it means to him to be tied for national lead in goals by a defenseman
It doesn’t mean that much. I don’t know. I’ve just been fortunate. I’m playing on the power play with such skilled people, with Adam [Clendening] up top and then Alex [Chiasson], Conno [Chris Connolly], Megs [Wade Megan] and Niets [Matt Nieto], they kind of do all the work and I just camp out and tap goals in, so I don’t know. I’ve been really lucky and really fortunate, so it’s been a good year but hopefully we keep going. That’s all that really matters.

On if he has a history of offensive success
Yeah, I think coming into BU, I wasn’t offensive at all. I never played power play or anything. I think Adam [Clendening] was that guy and he’s really been that guy still. He makes everything work. I just try to play good defense. That’s what I pride myself on. Obviously the goals are nice, but I don’t know, I just want to play good defense. I think that’s how our team is going to be successful, is if our D core plays well and hopefully I can do that.

On how he gets down to the goal unnoticed so frequently
I really don’t know. They probably look at me and say, ‘Why should I cover him,’ but, uh, I really don’t know. I think about that all the time. I don’t know why.

On if it’s a timing thing
No it’s not a timing thing. I just kind of just go down and … just go down. I really just, I don’t know, it’s just when I feel comfortable going down and the guys in my group play together with the puck and I just had some tap-ins.

Chris Connolly: ‘Officials made some pretty game-changing decisions’

By Arielle Aronson/DFP Staff

Following an empty-net goal with 4.6 seconds remaining in No. 2 Boston University’s 3-1 loss to No. 20 University of Maine, BU coach Jack Parker poured a tangent of frustration into a referee’s ear. His screaming fit earned him an ejection, and according to senior captain Chris Connolly, the ejection was price worth paying considering the way the officials called the game.

The Terriers seemed frustrated by multiple calls (and non-calls) throughout both Friday and Saturday’s game. On Friday, Parker wanted a five-minute major called on a hit that left freshman defenseman Alexx Privitera writhing on the ice. Privitera will miss the next four weeks of play with a broken wrist as the result of the hit. Parker was also upset later in Friday’s game by a hooking call against Wade Megan where Megan never seemed to hook the opposing player. After that game, Parker refused to fully comment on the officiating, simply saying, “the only thing that counts is what the referee thinks.”

Saturday’s game featured a different officiating corps, but it drew the same frustration from the Terriers.

At 9:41 in the second period on Saturday, sophomore defenseman Garrett Noonan was whistled off on a hooking call. The play happened quickly. Noonan was able to push a player off a puck in a situation where there can be a tendency for a penalty to occur, but in that specific situation, Noonan seemed to simply lift the opponent’s stick rather than blatantly hook him.

Noonan was on the receiving end of another controversial call late in the game. BU had five seconds remaining on a power play and 1:55 left in the game when Maine goaltender Dan Sullivan held on to a shot. Noonan was standing at the side of the net and was cross-checked after the whistle by Ryan Hegarty. Noonan fell to the ice and was whistled off for embellishment while Hegarty received a cross-checking penalty. Maine was clinging to a 2-1 lead at the time. Another power play for BU in that situation could have been a difference-maker.

Sophomore defenseman Adam Clendening received the final penalty of the game, a slashing call on his attempt to stop Maine’s empty-net goal. By that point in the game, Parker had enough. He screamed into the official’s ear and was promptly ejected and served with a bench minor and a game misconduct.

Parker did not address the officiating following Saturday’s game, but senior captain Chris Connolly did. Connolly, a player who has never publicly criticized refereeing, candidly spoke at length about the officiating, starting with an unprompted statement about the calls in the game after a question about Sullivan’s rebound control. The following is a transcript of Connolly’s comments.

On his general thoughts on the officiating:
I will say, I thought the officials made some pretty game-changing decisions. Normally, you wouldn’t blame the officiating for the outcome. You don’t like to make excuses but I think there were some glaring mistakes there. But other than that, it’s a testament to their team and their goalie. [Maine] played well and they found a way to win.

On how players keep their cool when they feel slighted by the officials:
That late in the game, when a call could really be to your advantage in a one-goal game, it’s hard not to get upset. It’s hard to keep your head and not be frustrated. I was standing right by it. I have a hard time believing Noonan dove with his back facing the play and the whistle and the play being dead and not expecting to be hit from behind. I’ve had that happen to me numerous times and it’s pretty hard to stand up straight when you’re getting hit in the back like that and you don’t expect it to come. The ref said he flopped and called an embellishment penalty and coincidental. That’s what he saw. Being a player and being in that situation, I completely disagree, but you can’t change it. That’s just how the game works sometimes.

On Parker getting thrown out of the game:
It’s the end of the game. Being the captain, I have a hard time disagreeing with Coach in that situation. I had a few words I wanted to say that I reserved. I was feeling the same emotions that he was feeling. To see that happen, it was the end of the game. It didn’t necessarily have any deciding factor on the game. He was just sticking up for the team and like I said I thought there were some glaring mistakes that they made. I support what Coach was trying to tell them.

On whether Parker’s actions helped validate his own feelings:
It’s nice. It’s different when it’s happening in the middle of the game and things can kind of get out of hand, but when you feel like you deserved a few calls here or there and they don’t get called your way, it could mean the difference between tying up the game or even getting a couple and pulling out a win. It’s a tough pill to swallow. The team was behind him on it and you never want to see a coach get kicked out or anything, but like I said, everyone was frustrated with what was going on out there.