Boston Hockey Pod: Reflecting on BC series, Maguire and more

Hi friends, here’s this week’s edition of the Boston Hockey Pod. It’s a bit on the longer side, since we hadn’t done a podcast in a while, but there’s some good conversation in there about Brien Diffley, Sean Maguire and quite a few other players. Feel free to take a listen and let us know what you think!

And if you want to go back and listen to any of our old podcasts, you can do so here.

The Boston Hockey Pod is returning!

So after quite a long hiatus, we’ll be resuming our weekly podcasts!

A slight difference though: The three of us have class schedules this semester that conflict with our usual Thursday-night recording sessions. Thus, we’ll be recording on Mondays now, and the podcast will take a slightly different format. Instead of previewing the series ahead, it’ll be more focused on recapping the previous weekend’s games and general issues related to BU hockey.

However, we’ll still be taking reader questions! If you guys have anything you want us to discuss, free free to comment and we’ll try and make sure it gets covered.

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Boston Hockey Pod: Connecticut Weekend

Hi, guys! Here’s our final episode of the Boston Hockey Pod in 2015. Take a listen as we discuss what BU should expect out of Yale and Quinnipiac, the team’s current depth issues and what the defense looks like for the time being.

Also, a special thanks to David Weller of the Yale Daily News for calling in and offering his expertise this week!

UPDATE: We now know goaltender Alex Lyon will be available for Yale this weekend and “is expected to start in goal vs. Boston University” on Friday, per Chip Malafronte of the New Haven Register.

Boston Hockey Pod: Red Hot Hockey and Vermont Weekend

Hello! I hope you haven’t missed the pod too much in the past two weeks, but here for your ears is our latest episode just in time for Vermont weekend and the last homestand of the 2015 calendar year.

In this episode, we recount our experience in New York City for Red Hot Hockey, talk about how vital this series with the Catamounts is for the Terriers and answer a few of your questions as well. We’re a little on the shorter side this week (about 17 minutes), so if you’ve got time, take a listen!

Thanks so much!

Send us your BU hockey questions

Hey guys! Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.

After a two-week hiatus, we’ll be back with another episode of the Boston Hockey Pod. Send us your questions about BU’s upcoming series against Vermont, or anything else related to BU hockey.

Just comment on this post or send us a tweet and we’ll do our best to try and answer your question during the show!

In case you missed our first couple of episodes, here are the links to them:

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It’s that time of week again…

UPDATE: Due to more unforeseen scheduling conflicts, there won’t be a podcast this week, unfortunately. We do, however, have some exciting features coming up next week. Stay tuned!

Hi friends! Due to a few schedule conflicts, we’ll actually be recording the Boston Hockey Pod earlier in the week. It’ll still come out Friday, but for our own purposes, we’ll be recording tonight, Wednesday.

Feel free to toss us any BU or Michigan hockey questions/topics of conversation you’d like to hear us discuss by tonight, and we’ll try our best to do so!

Looking forward to hearing what you guys have to say!

If you missed any of our previous podcasts, feel free to peruse:

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Boston Hockey Pod: Providence Weekend

Hi guys, happy Providence weekend! I’m sure it’s something many of you have been waiting for since the end of last season. In this week’s episode of the podcast, we talk about BU’s coming games against the Friars as well as the goaltending situation and answer some mailbag questions from all you lovely people as well.

If you’ve got time, press play, enjoy and let us know what you think!

And thanks so much for your questions. We appreciate it immensely and would love it if you kept ’em coming.