Terriers ride first period flurry to 4-1 win and series victory over UMass Lowell

The Boston University men’s hockey team knocked off the University of Massachusetts at Lowell in a series-clinching 4-1 win on Sunday at Lowell’s Tsongas Center.

“I thought we played a good hockey game from start to finish,” said BU head coach Albie O’Connell.

Having split the weekend’s first two games, the teams met for a third time on Sunday to determine who would be advancing to the TD Garden for next week’s Hockey East semifinals.

“We’ve been in this situation before,” O’Connell mentioned, referring to BU’s experience in win-or-go-home contests.

Saturday’s Game Two finished on a physical note, as brawls broke out after nearly every whistle late in the contest. Going into Game Three, it was clear that some bad blood had developed between the two teams, making the series-decider all the more contentious.

“We knew it was going to be a really physical and tough game,” said freshman forward Joel Farabee.

Among the aggression in Game Two, senior forward Bobo Carpenter took a hard hit in the final seconds, resulting in a suspension for UML forward Lucas Condotta. Carpenter’s status was uncertain on Sunday morning, but at game time, the captain was right there to take the opening draw.

UMass Lowell opened the scoring 3:37 into Saturday’s Game Two, but BU one-upped the hosts in Game Three, striking first at the 2:34 mark.

Flooding the RiverHawk end, junior forward Patrick Harper fed classmate Chad Krys joining the rush from his defensive position. The assistant captain made no mistake, scoring his first goal of the series to get BU off on the front foot.

“We came out fast and they didn’t,” Farabee said.

The Terriers nearly made the lead two just past the period’s halfway point on a redirection by sophomore forward Logan Cockerill in front that got by netminder Christoffer Hernberg. However, the goal would be disallowed, as Cockerill had tipped the puck with a high stick.

It would not take the Terriers very long after the Cockerill chance to find their second tally, with freshman forward Joel Farabee coming through for his fourth goal of the series.

Krys became the provider on this occasion, moving the puck to Farabee as the clock ticked towards eight minutes left in the frame. Gaining the line, the first-year phenom found space near the right dot, and fired one by Hernberg to double the Terrier lead.

“I saw a little opening,” recalled Farabee. “It felt pretty good.”

Sensing blood in the water, BU threatened on a power play with 3:39 left in the period, with sophomore forward Ty Amonte getting a pair of point-blank looks. While the Terrier man advantage was unsuccessful, BU wouldn’t have to wait long for their third goal.

Junior forward Patrick Curry had set up the two Amonte attempts, and the third try proved to be the charm. 13 seconds after the power play expired, Curry found Patrick Harper, who whipped it home from close range to pot his first goal in six games.

Lowell head coach Norm Bazin had seen enough, and Hernberg was replaced by New York Rangers prospect Tyler Wall, who had been the victorious netminder in Game Two.

“He wasn’t himself,” said Bazin about Hernberg. “You have those days as a goalie.”

The first period defensive effort from BU was just as impressive as the attacking output. The RiverHawks were held to just three shots on goal in the opening frame, with none in the final 12 minutes.

“We didn’t generate enough shots tonight,” Coach Bazin admitted.

With all the wind in their sails, BU took a 3-0 lead into the first intermission. It was sweet revenge for the visitors, who had been stunned on Saturday night by three first period goals from the RiverHawks.

“It was one of the best first periods we’ve had all year,” said O’Connell.

Having built up a three-goal advantage, the Terriers were content to sacrifice attacking threats in order to protect the defensive end. BU only attempted eight shots on target in the second compared to 15 in the first, but also held Lowell to eight in the process.

Junior goaltender Jake Oettinger was rock-solid in the BU net, calmly turning away RiverHawk efforts from all angles. The assistant captain’s finest stops of the frame came on a double-save to first deny forward Connor Sodergren, and then keep out forward Nick Master’s follow-up opportunity.

“I thought their goalie made a couple really good saves,” Bazin noted regarding Oettinger.

While Oettinger’s timely saves were crucial, the Terrier defense was equally responsible for the clean sheet through 40 minutes. BU’s skaters tallied a whopping 8 blocks in the period to match Oettinger’s save total from the middle frame.

“They earned it,” said Coach O’Connell of his Terriers.

With forty minutes in the books, BU’s 3-0 lead still stood, and so did their lopsided shots on target advantage, which had become 21-11.

With the hosts growing desperate as time in the third period ticked away, the RiverHawks found hope with their first goal of the game with 12 minutes left in regulation.

With forward Connor Wilson holding the puck high in the attacking zone, the UML captain zipped a pass to forward Kenny Hausinger between the dots. The junior carried the puck to shooting position and found the top right corner to bring the score to 3-1.

Unfazed by the Hausinger score, Oettinger the skaters in front of him regained their rhythm, keeping Lowell to the lone goal as the RiverHawks turned up the heat seeking a late comeback.

“We couldn’t convert,” said Bazin.

With Wall having vacated the UML crease, the Terriers defenders would deservedly be rewarded in the final minute.

Withstanding RiverHawk pressure, BU gained possession and quickly turned defense into offense. Cockerill led the break towards the gaping net, and unselfishly laid the puck off to a trailing Harper to tap home, completing the three-point night and securing the BU victory.

According to O’Connell, “[Harper] was terrific.”

The teams would skate out the final 52 seconds, and BU emerged victorious – 4-1 in the game, and 2-1 in the series.

“It’s no mistake that we came out and took care of business today,” Farabee claimed after the game.

The series win marked the eighth consecutive season in which the Terriers were able to advance beyond the first round of the playoffs.

“I’m really happy for our players,” said Coach O’Connell. “Really excited for them.”

BU will move on to the TD Garden in Boston for next Friday’s Hockey East semifinals, taking on Northeastern with a spot in Saturday’s tournament championship up for grabs.

“I’d be scared to play the Terriers at the Garden,” remarked Farabee.

59 thoughts on “Terriers ride first period flurry to 4-1 win and series victory over UMass Lowell

  1. So happy for our Terriers! Coming out and setting the tone on the road is exactly what we haven’t been doing this season. So, the fact that we did it twice this weekend is highly encouraging. Looks like Harper is getting back to the level of offensive output we expected of him this season … just in time. I’m also pleased with Crotty’s two-way play. Everything is indeed awesome … so far! 😉

    Go BU!

    • Very awesome indeed, Glenn! There were so many great things to take away from this weekend that haven’t been there for the majority of the season, and it all started with the team’s energy and attitude. Harper was huge tonight, maybe it was finally his breakthrough game to become the player we know he can be? Also, today Crotty didn’t score in a game against UMass Lowell tonight, so I’d call it a disappointment 😛

    • It’ll be interesting Vinnie, that’s for sure. It does give BU a chip on their shoulder, and it seemed like they played well with one today after seeing the Carpenter hit last night. That said, we’ll need a good BU fan showing to compete with those Northeastern diehards – let’s rally the troops!

    • Vinnie actually i think its a break that BC won, its better to face NU who we’ve had some success against this year than against UMASS. Its better to play the best team if you have to at the end. Congrats to the boys, a terrific effort to prolong season, and thanks for playing as a team and for each other. Lets hope they keep it up.

      • Interesting Vito – If you ask me, I’d say that the Beanpot was a bigger indication of what to expect against Northeastern than those two regular season games. Same ice, big occasion, big crowd, just like it’ll be on Friday. It’s kind of pick-your-poison I guess, because we all know that’s a great UMass team anywhere, anytime. BU’s best shot will be to embrace the “underdog (no pun intended) mentality, and play with an edge like they did this weekend.

        • yeah Brady, its going to be difficult to win this tourney under any circumstances. However by winning BC knocked out a very strong Providence team ,which would have meant that BU would have had to beat two top ten teams against whom we have not had much success against this year to win out. Now there is also the possibility of avoiding UMASS altogether and a BU-BC final which i think would suit the Terriers very well.

          • Good point with the Providence loss, Vito. Just imagine, you take revenge on Northeastern, avoid UMass, AND get a classic BU-BC final… I’m in!

  2. Unfortunately the season ends Saturday night and the mass exodus begins. Any body want to guess the first player, that has eligibility left to leave? Also which member from the every thing is awesome crew will have the most outlandish excuse for this year?… WRONG AGAIN ….💯💯#TEAMAWESOME👍

    • Had to know this would come up again. *sigh*

      Regardless, you were right Rui, BU came to play this weekend. Sorry I didn’t get to see you this weekend, I came through Section 114 before the game and asked around but had no luck 🙁

  3. We off to the garden my my how did this bunch of losers etc beat Lowell in Lowell wow … Great job bu great vame plan and execution… Go BU… #crickets#awesome crew💯

    • Yes Rui, it certainly was a great gameplan and even better execution in games 1 and 3. Let’s hope they can carry it through to Friday, it won’t be an easy one!

  4. I’m very happy for the kids they played hard. It’s tough to come up here and take two games against this very good team. I loved our compete level . I hope some folks who found it difficult to support this team this season got a taste of what these kids are made of. I’m not in the business of saying I was right because that takes away from the teams accomplishment again I’m so happy for this group of young men who came ready to play this weekend. Now on to the garden. Go bu🐾

    • Good for you, Colin. The boys came through for sure – knocking off any team in their own building is not easy, so BU doing it this weekend definitely showed that compete level you mentioned that has been lacking this season. It only gets tougher though with Northeastern looming ahead, so that level will have to be maintained, if not kicked up a notch!

  5. Nice summary Brady. Love the enthusiasm Colin. I don’t know what will happen next weekend, but that was a fun series this weekend that showed us a lot of heart. Stay positive BU followers. That’s why they call us fans!

    • Thank you Juice, it was a fun one. The team is giving reason for fans to be positive, that’s for sure!

  6. Wow. Oettinger has proved me wrong. He played well as did the defense in front of him. On to NU. If BU plays their game, they can beat the Huskies. Kudos to the awesome crew for their unwavering support! TK out!

    • He sure did TK, haha. You’re exactly right – play the way you did against Lowell in games 1 and 3, and you’ll definitely give Northeastern some problems.

  7. Colin, we always supported the team but were unhappy about the way thy played considering the pre season hype. Would love to see a BU-BC final. That would help college hockey here.

    • It would, SoCC. It certainly would be an unusual way for that matchup to happen, coming from the 5th and 7th seeds.

  8. BHB participants, you may find this to be an interesting anecdote to the Sunday game.

    Given the severity of the vicious late hit that Lucas Condotta applied to Bobo, Big Roy (Vice President of “Everything is Awesome Crew”) was not satisfied that his one-game suspension provided proper retribution. At the close of the game Big Boy went to personally confront the miscreant, and the other scratched Lowell teammates who were seated with him. Calling him out in loud, colorful (profane), and no uncertain terms, a heated exchange ensued with his teammates, and outside intervention had to be applied to defuse the situation.

    Big Boy/Big Roy = Terrier Terror!

    • That is… interesting… That is a college kid after all (albeit a 21-year old freshman), but I guess you can’t discredit the passion from Big Roy!

  9. Pretty proud of the way the team played this weekend and the resilience they showed on Saturday night after digging themselves into a 3-0 hole and never quiting. I agree they had a great game plan and would love to see them execute the plan again this weekend. I also would love to see a BU BC final but like the old saying goes be careful what you wish for. If that match up happens BC would be flying high coming off two wind off ranked opponents, but let’s not look too far ahead and just worry about NU! Go BU!

  10. OMG, I had heard that story but I didn’t realize the Lowell kid was the low-life punk Lowell player who did that to Bobo. I thought it was a Lowell student/fan kid. I would love to see that interaction on video. Wow, you go Rui! I applaud your efforts on behalf of Terrier Nation.

  11. Roy is definitely passionate and I’m glad I left by that point or I’m sure I would have been breaking that up . I got a chance to talk to those kids not dressed. Condotta seemed like a nice kid. I don’t want to harp on it but the officiating was so bad and there was a game to play the next day I’m sure the kid wanted to send a heavy hit . I don’t think he was trying to hurt Bobo and by talking to him I can tell he feels bad. All that said it was a cheap shot that could have seriously hurt Bobo and I too through in a jab by pointing out Bobo sister who was in the crowd who in my opinion is the best U.S born Female hockey player. I told the kid your lucky she was not on the ice or your game suspension would be the least of your troubles he took it ok and maybe I’m a softy but I think he feels bad. It’s clear he best stay clear of Alex and Roy next year. Can’t wait to play Northeastern they have done some damage to us the last few years. I must say I don’t care how many on that team carry themselves. I’m a firm believer in winning with class many on that team apparently don’t subscribe to that so I want some revenge. Go bu🐾

    • Good to hear your side of it, Colin. BU seemed to enjoy the “revenge role” in Game 3, so maybe they’ll have the same motivation on Friday, playing for Beanpot revenge against Northeastern!

  12. Colin, Glen
    Congratulations to the everything is awesome club’s President and Vice President. I was 1000% wrong about this series and did not see this outcome. In fact I
    did not watch or listen to the first two games. However I did watch the last one on the live stream with my daughter. It was clearly the best game I saw all season. The first period was the finest effort of team play where for once the name on the front was more important than the name on the back. It honestly left me with mixed emotions as the regular season was so disappointing, this should have been the norm rather than the exception.
    I am particularly happy for Albie as he has had a rough first year . Hopefully he has learned and this victory is the one that makes him realize what it takes to be successful at this level. So everything is awesome at least until Friday evening .
    On another note I have always enjoyed our debates and different views of the B.U. Hockey world. I do admire both of your sometimes misguided loyalty. In this series I am glad you came out on top.

    • Good to hear you’ve come around, Frozen Out. About Albie, you could tell how much that series win meant to him with his comments after the game. Also, very noble concession there – the debates are fun, but I must say that I prefer when the optimistic side wins out! 😉

  13. Thank you Larry! Glad you got to enjoy that third game. I hope we have more such games to enjoy this season.

  14. Colin and Frozen Out,
    “Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.” Colin’s desire to defuse the Lowell confrontation, and Larry’s gracious and conciliatory posting, are refreshing and welcome changes to the tenor of some recent exchanges. PSD

  15. P.S. Downing
    Never had any issues with Colin as he always conducted himself as a true gentleman. It is not a crime to tell the truth or have a different opinion.
    It is not being gracious or conciliatory it is being honest about a prediction that was incorrect. Not a big deal.

  16. Thanks for mentioning me Frozen but even if the team lost I would have been proud of them. We have a tough task Friday Northeastern is a good team coached well. It may take a big time win for us to agree but I think frozen is spot on about how we played Sunday and all weekend for that matter with some dips in Saturday’s reffing debacle. We were solid best hockey of the season if that game plan is implemented on northeastern to the same degree we used it on Lowell we have a chance to beat anybody. Go bu🐾

  17. This past weekend really showed how capable we are of playing smart Hockey The boys had a game plan and stuck to it and if not fkr some horrible officiating who knows if we finish Lowell on Saturday but we won regardless… Let’s keep it going same type of Hockey we know it won’t be easy but we know how we can play just go out Friday night and do it… So to make a long story short with about 3 mins left I made my way up to where I had noticed extra players and the suspended player was a BU section i might say so I told him go season is over and what u did was dirty and I didn’t appreciate it clearly Fbombs. Were dropped on my end and his teammates jumped in at the time outside intervention stepped in… Best revenge was we ended his season … As for anyone on the blog I have offended at all this year I apologize its my intensity and actions that take over we all here for same reason BU Hockey … GO BU !!

    • If there’s another brawl out on the ice, I want Rui to lace up the skates and go sort it out! Nice to hear Rui, Go BU.

  18. If your looking to get motivated watch Northeastern post bean pot celebration last year with our guys lined up on our blue line for well over 10 minutes. If that does not get you going watch this years beanpot post game press conferences with madden and Primo. Class tends to separate its self not with this group. I respect this teams talent and coach but as I said in earlier posts never disrespect your opponent Northeastern has made a bad habit of doing it to bu. I think our players know and don’t like how they have been played down by NU it puts them in a tough position. So proud of this group and the coaching staff.

    • Lots of bulletin board material has come from both sides (did you see some of those Farabee quotes this Sunday…) so when mixed with the historic bad blood between the teams, it’ll be a wild one on Friday!

  19. I mentioned in last thread leading up to yesterday’s game about us being in shape and I know I said it in response to frozen this year having coach Czyeck as our strength and conditioning coach is huge. We definitely had our legs under us yesterday after a very physical 3 game series. Not sure if your aware of who he is Brady but if you get a chance to talk to him about his craft and share it with your viewers I’m sure folks would be impressed.🐾

  20. Colin,
    Only issue is where was that team the during the regular season. I was disappointed and frustrated because the talent level equates to a top ten team. 11 NHL draft choices many first , second and third choices should win on most nights. Finally saw the talent work as a TEAM yesterday.
    I agree Northeastern is a tough team. The good news is all the games with them have been close. Most important have to start fast and cannot fall way behind early.

    • Perfect analysis, Frozen Out. The individual talent has been there all year, but they needed to be a team, and that finally happened this weekend. Yes, the NU games have been close, but the one constant is that the team who has scored first has come out on top. Start fast, play from on top, and I like your chances!

  21. Frozen I agree that they played great this weekend and it was there best hockey of the season where I disagree with you is for so many of your posts this season they were negative and you claimed that the kids did not care they cared more about themselves then the team and played individual hockey you stated several times we were not a prominent national team. I actually agree/agreed with a lot of what you write in your analysis but as I have said before I try to be positive. I have known some of these kids for some years now and I know how hard they work so I spent most of my time defending them this year. Winning helps ease some tensions but as you stated and I have stated we never had any issues outside of hockey talk even at its most heated. Hopefully Frozen you can enjoy next weekend and we can see if we can do damage Friday Saturday. Go bu🐾

  22. Colin, what I choose to remember is that Beanpot final during the Eichel season when Grizzy won it for us in sudden death and a Northeastern player, seconds after the puck hit the twine, smashing his stick against the crossbar LOL. Maybe they’re still pissed about that game? Anyway, very optimistic about our chances on Friday.

    • Still bitter about something five years ago? I’m not sure… They’ve had plenty of revenge since then, now it’s BU’s turn for revenge!

  23. as Ott goes, we go. can’t have any breakdowns like the last two saturdays

    they got to come out ready. in the beanpot, the ice was tilted badly in NU’s favor.

    i know we can beat them. i just never know what team is going to show up

    • Yes Vinnie, hockey playoffs often come down to the keeper, and that certainly seems to be the case with BU. I feel better coming into this one than I did for the Beanpot matchup, and I bet the team does to!

  24. Colin,
    I am glad that you have experienced positive interactions with some of the players from the team. I would expect them to be hard working diligent student athletes.In fact one even called me at the end of last year thanking me for the support and we had very pleasant conversation.
    My issues is with the focus of these student athletes. Understanding that they all want to play at the next level there should be a commitment to the university in terms of earning a degree and truly being engaged in the hockey program.
    It is my belief that they too many are committed to their own personal goals rather than the success of the team.
    Have you ever read the book Burn the Boats ?

  25. Frozen I have read the book it’s been a few years. As to commitment coach emphasized how they really played as a team this weekend and that was not the case earlier in the season so your arguments certainly have credence. Where we differ is I think you have young kids who are well aware of where they are drafted or where they want to be drafted playing in games sometimes against older bigger guys and when things are not going right try to revert back to what they had success doing at earlier levels of there development. I just firmly believe they never stopped caring about the team. As good as we played this weekend we can still play better and will need to. Also Frozen I don’t like it but it’s now a factor in college hockey if you go after high end recruits they will most likely leave early . That’s why I like the idea of getting 50/50 so you have some older guys four year guys mixed in with younger guys. High character guys like carpenter and next year Chabot and curry leaders to bring along the team.

  26. i agree with you about the 50/50 guys, Colin. tough to find that older B+/A- player. i know the St Clouds and Minnie State dose it is possible.

    i am making a prediction here: Willman is going to get a goal. he had 5 shots on net last game and led the team in that category. we need guys of the that ilk if we want to beat these higher seed teams.

    • Bold prediction Vinnie – I like it! He played really well at center in the the Lowell series, constantly buzzing in the offensive end. If he keeps playing like that, I see a goal for him coming soon.

  27. I agree vinnie if Willman can get some puck luck that would be huge. I was shocked at how good Cherametta was against Lowell as well his play was a very pleasant surprise he was flying and stick handling with confidence .

  28. Colin,
    I agree that B.U. has to adjust their recruiting strategy and accept older student athletes along with younger higher end talent that will be on campus one or two years.
    If you remember in Burn the Boats, originally Mat Gilroy , Zach Cohen and Colin Wilson were not invited back for the next season. .In fact Mat G’s father paid his tuition for his senior year as he wanted to earn his degree because of his uncertainty of playing in the NHL.The other two I believe had team chemistry issues which were eventually resolved. They were all good students who really cared but apparently had some difficulty with individual goals and team goals.
    My point being everyone must believe in the team concept and accept their rolls in order to be successful.

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