From the FreeP: BU knocks off No. 4 Quinnipiac

The Terriers managed a complete turnaround after dropping a pair of games to No. 6 Denver University last weekend. They topped No. 4 Quinnipiac 3-0 on Saturday, thanks to goals from Jordan Greenway, Bobo Carpenter and Jakob Forsbacka – Karlsson.

Check out our articles on the game below:

  1. Jon’s recap, focusing on the sophomore forwards and the penalty kill
  2. Nick’s sider on Jordan Greenway’s impressive weekend.

Also check out our postgame videos if you missed them.

The Terriers don’t have any games this upcoming weekend, but they will get back on the ice Friday, Nov. 4, when they take on Northeastern.

Finally, keep an eye out for a feature from us this week!


  1. Kids played great this weekend. They were hungry kept pressure on bobcats, were hard to play against. How many blocked shots can one team have. Jake has been awesome in net. The team is getting better every day. They still need to stay out of the box as it will eventually hurt them but how can anyone complain about that effort.

  2. I’m not sure what the NCAA Ice Hockey Committee is trying to do by having the officials call absolutely everything. They have absolutely ruined what use to be a great game to watch. Of the 17 or so penalties called last night maybe 5 were calls that should have been made. If it’s not the NCAA emphassis then the 4 officials this weekend have no right officiating Division 1 College Hockey.

  3. Somerby is a shot blocking machine. The captain clogs the passing lanes very well

    Carpenter is emerging as a legit threat every time he takes the ice

    I have not felt this secure about the goalie situation in years. good feeling