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Boston Hockey Blog folk,

As you may or may not know, this past year’s reporting trio of Andrew Battifarano, Judy Cohen and Sarah Kirkpatrick will be graduating in the coming days.

However, have no fear, as The Daily Free Press’ coverage of the BU men’s hockey team lives on. That’s where us two, Nick Frazier and Jonathan Sigal, step in. You can learn all about us below, but still expect to get your daily dose of life at Agganis Arena. Whether it’s the annual hockey preview edition (fair warning: some big plans are in the works), coverage of games, or whatever other content we can think of, your BU hockey fix will be met.

Without further ado, it’s time to learn more about next year’s Boston Hockey Blog writers/editors.


Jonathan: Sports are sorta, kinda Jonathan’s thing. He spent his freshman year playing Division III soccer at Clark University before transferring to BU for his sophomore year, and it was undoubtedly the right choice. Now a rising senior in BU’s College of Communication, Jonathan is majoring in journalism and is a native of Rehoboth, Massachusetts.

He spent the Spring 2016 semester serving as Sports Editor of The Daily Free Press, and has previously covered BU’s men’s soccer, women’s hockey and men’s lacrosse teams. He also writes monthly feature articles for New England Hockey Journal, New England Lacrosse Journal and New England Soccer Journal. During the summer (and school year when feasible), he covers the New England Revolution for SB Nation.

Nick: Nick is a rising junior in the communications program at BU, where he also majors in journalism. He grew up in East Bridgewater, Massachusetts, always knowing that he wanted to go to school in the greatest city ever. Last year, he served as an Associate Sports Editor for The Daily Free Press, and will be interning at WEEI this summer. Nick is excited to work with Jon to provide the best BU hockey coverage possible in the fall semester, and looks forward to interacting with the blog’s followers along the way.

Social media: If you don’t already, like the Boston Hockey Blog on Facebook and follow us on Twitter! Also, feel free to give Jonathan a follow, and please do the same with Nick! We’re both friendly guys, and we can’t wait to interact with everyone through our content and coverage.

Lastly, check out some of what Jonathan and Nick have written in the past!

12 thoughts on “Meet your new Boston Hockey Blog writers”

  1. Welcome !!!!! Get some rest this summer as we will have a lot to do this coming fall.

  2. Welcome Nick and Jonathan! I look forward to the excellent coverage which I am confident you’ll provide. It should be an epic season of BU Hockey. So, hopefully lots of positive things to write about!

  3. Welcome guys,
    See what you can do to get the student body excited about BU Hockey. It should be a great year.

  4. Welcome guys. Can’t wait for the season I love the make up of this team. Great leadership great depth a promising freshman class. The only thing I don’t like is Robbie leaving I know he has great hockey in him. That being said I believe this year will be very special. ?

  5. Thank you, everyone! The 2016-17 season is shaping up to be an exciting one, especially given the talent level of the incoming class.

    Nick and I will be there every step of the year, so please don’t hesitate to reach out through any medium!

  6. Congratulations and best wishes to Sarah, Judy and Andrew on your future endeavors! Look forward to reading/seeing your future professional work!

    Welcome Jonathan and Nick! I think next season will be a very exciting and positive one, and look forward to your coverage of the team!

  7. Hello Nick and Jon: Can you tell us the summer plans for BU Hockey? I know that they go through a strength and conditioning program on-campus in the early summer. When will be the first time that the incoming freshmen report to Agganis, or just set foot on campus as students? I am sure that you guys will have a lot to write about next month, with the NHL Draft happening in late June and effecting many BU Terriers.

    • Hi Glenn,

      I know Summer classes (session 1) starts tomorrow; all of the returning players are enrolled and are required to participate in the strength & conditioning program during that session.

      Summer session 2 starts July 5th and is when the incoming Freshmen will be enrolled in classes, live on campus, and start participating in the S&C program. Session 2 is optional for returning players (both academically and S&C), but my understanding is the majority of the returning players participate in both Summer sessions, both academically and S&C.

  8. Thanks FOBUH! Very informative. I can’t wait to hear that all of our incoming frosh have “reported for duty”. I am also curious as to what our Terriers’ S&C T-shirt will say this year … that is, what their motto will be. I’ve never been so pumped up for a season as I am for this coming year. That’s my motto – even though it’s not all that catchy LOL.

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