BU ranked No. 1 in latest polls

Most of you have probably heard by now, but Boston University men’s hockey, after beating Maine and UConn this weekend, climbed to the top of the USCHO and USA Today polls.

It’s the first time the Terriers have been atop both polls since Nov. 8, 2010, and the first time since Feb. 6, 2012, that BU has been ranked first in the USCHO poll.

Feel free to discuss, celebrate and/or analyze/nitpick in the comments below.


  1. Don’t care about rankings just want them to win every game GO TERRIERS

  2. I want both LOL! Seriously, what a wonderful job this team has done to live up to their Summer Conditioning Camp T-shirt slogan … “Never Again”. This is going to be a great Thanksgiving!

  3. I have mixed feelings about this. Obviously I am ELATED with the ranking BUT this team is very young and would hate for them to get too comfortable. But who woulda thunk it???

  4. I am confident that being ranked #1 will not effect these guys coach Quinn will never let that happen ..who ever knows him knows what I’m talking about. Keep up the good work boys…. Go Bu..

  5. Even if it did “effect” the guys, it would be only temporary. They will have to learn to play “full throttle” even when they are given such distinctions and when opposing teams are giving all they have to knock us off. I just love logging onto USCHO.com and seeing our logo on the middle of the page.

    Yes indeed Allison. While we all knew we’d do better than last year’s ten-win season, I doubt that even the most optimistic Terrier fans were thinking we’d be in a position to surpass that total before the end of the first semester.