Youngstown Phantoms add Brendan Collier to roster

By Tim Healey/DFP Staff

The Youngstown Phantoms added Boston University forward Brendan Collier to their roster last week, a move akin to the one the Indiana Ice made when they added Sam Kurker earlier this month.

In both cases, the mere addition of the player to the USHL roster does not mean they will leave the Terriers. Similar moves are often made out of speculation — sometimes informed speculation — of a given player’s happiness with their college team.

Collier, a Charlestown native, has registered one point (an assist Dec. 7) in 11 games during his first semester in the scarlet and white. The longest stretch of games in which he sat was three when he didn’t play the second half of November against North Dakota twice and Cornell.

Kurker and Collier are still listed on the BU’s official roster.

61 thoughts on “Youngstown Phantoms add Brendan Collier to roster”

  1. Wow – looks like the rumors are true and a mass exodus is going to happen due to DQ’s inability to coach and lead.

  2. you are an idiot. he is getting rid of bavis and parker’s dead wood. i love the move. let’s get rid of these stiffs and bring in dynamic players liKe GREENWAY. Suck on that one, mr. loser eagle

  3. Great to see the deadwood being cleared out. Next on the its should be that useless Grzelcyk. Our defense would improve immediately without him on the team.

  4. Neither Kurker nor Collier played in the Indiana- Youngstown game tonight. Neither one is currently on their respective team’s official roster.

  5. Grzelyk seems to be getting rave reviews at the World Junior Tournament. I’m not quite sure how our defense would “improve immediately” with the loss of an elite d-man.

  6. Hmmm. He’s on the top D pairing for Team USA and Dave Starman calls him “an elite defenseman.” But drooling BC troll insists he’s useless. Tough decision here. Who to believe?

  7. Getting recruits is DQ’s strength. Coaching them up and coaching a team are not DQ’s strength. Look at how players from last year have regressed under DQ.

  8. Analyzing hockey is clearly NOT your strength….however making idiotic statements obviously is!.Troll…Bu will be at the Frozen Four within the next 2-3 yrs…mark my words.

  9. Looks like desperate DQ family members are resorting to personal attacks again to distract from his entire tenure of failure as the leader of the BU hockey program.

    • Looks like the loser living in his moms basement has nothing intelligent to say as usual, trying his best to fit in on this hockey blog but failing miserably, since he is completely incompetent when it comes to hockey. Poor thing. He is going to look like an even bigger moron when DQ brings this team to the national stage within the next 2-3 years.

    • No, that’s not it at all….he’s so much better because he’s playing with kids who have actual talent. Duh! God there are some stupid people that post on here.

  10. Team is in a growth phase. Coach is more than capable of putting together a quality division one hockey team. He can not be held hostage by underclassmen who are not bought in to what he is teaching. I have faith that within a few years b.u. Will be atop the college hockey pyramid I don’t like to be negative but anyone who wants to get rid of Grzelyck is crazy he is a great college defenseman

    • Grzelyck’s team leading -7 shows that he’s a lousy defenseman in DQ’s system. He was fine in Parker’s system last year.

  11. O’Regan is playing awesome at the WJC. It’s fantastic to see how well he can play when he doesn’t have a lousy coach like DQ holding him back. Make us proud O’Regan!

  12. Sage advice! Your point is well taken. Getting down to BU Hockey, our guys are looking awesome at the World Juniors. Let’s hope O’Regan’s injury is of a day-to-day nature. As for Eichel, I can’t wait to see him in a BU jersey. Having Eichel and O’Regan as our top two centers in 2014-2015 should create quite a potent and productive offense.

    • DQ will no doubt ruin Eichel like he did with O’Regan and Grzelyck and the rest of the players on the team.

    • Eichel is going to shine under Quinn’s guidance. It’s amazing how much hatred you have for Quinn. I bet you are related to or close to Bavis. it was no secret how PO’d he was for being passed over for the job. Maybe you ARE Bavis….unemployment leaves lots of time to stew. If you’re not him or someone very close to him, you are someone who is clearly jealous of Quinn’s career and accomplishments. Or finally, you’re just a sad person that has no life (along with ZERO hockey sense)! happy New Year cuckoo!!

  13. They sure are! Letonuv ,Piccinich, greenway…..such promising talent coming up. Gotta give Quinn and Greely credit for being able to hook those guys with the way the season is going. I have NO worries that BU will be back to a powerhouse contending for the Nationals each year once Quinn gets his guys here. Very excited!

    • Someone who knows hockey!! Great post & right on the money….this moron who constantly bashes DQ, HAS THE HOCKEY IQ OFF A ROCK.AND HERE RESPONDS TO HIS OWN POSTINGS, DOES THAT’S MAKES HIM bi-polar?

  14. Amazing how out guys look awesome at the World Junior when they have a real coach. It’s so easy to solve our pathetic play and under .500 record – get a real coach and send DQ packing.

    • whats even more amazing is how stupid you sound. They are playing on an ELITE team, hell even YOU, the dumbest hockey “fan” around could coach them.
      DQ will be here for a LONG LONG time, thankfully!! You are going to feel like the biggest idiot VERY soon! Eichel is going to be even better with Quinn. SO bite that!

    • DQ destroyed the games of O’Regan and Grzelyck yet he will magically make Eichel better? Our only hope is that Eichel doesn’t talk to current players or see or games on TV or he may decide not to show up to preserve his professional career.

  15. Amazing how the same people who ran Coach Parker out of town are the same ones are are blindly supporting the failure DQ.

    • I get it now!!! Every time you mention Parker what you REALLY want to say is BAVIS… WONDER you hate Quinn!! You’re Bavis/ family member/ friend!! WOW

  16. Amazing how the incompetence of DQ has turned BU fan against BU fan. It will be a grand day when the new BU head coach takes over the team.

  17. I think we will beat Harvard just as long as Grzelyck and his team leading -7 aren’t on the ice. How is it that Parker could get him to play defense but DQ can’t even get him to make an effort at being a traffic cone or revolving door?

  18. Hey bavis & co….let it gooooo. It’s a new year…resolve to find a new venue to channel your anger, bitterness and jealousy.we are tired of your same ole same ole.

  19. So how important are Kurker and Collier? I already know everyone will praise their superstar status after they leave to justify DQ’s pathetic coaching effort.

  20. Congratulations to DQ for getting our penalty minutes down to the lowest levels in 30 years. Of course our offense is also the worse in 30 years at well in spite of a number of NHL draft picks and return players from a HE tournament runner up team. DQ is a failure.

  21. My New Year’s resolution is to keep exposing DQ’s endless failures until he improves his coaching to give us the team we deserve or he gets fired for his incompetence.

    • LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL, you seriously need some mental health help. LONG LIVE DQ’s REIGN at BU!!! GO DQ! GO BU!!

    • WOW, slow day today huh? the cuckoo Quinn hater, which someone smartly pointed out just might be Bavis, posted 3 times in a row about DQ’s failures. Man I wish he’d come up with something new, I’m getting bored!

  22. It’s obvious that DQ fears for his job because of his lousy coaching when his family members are forced to come here to defend him day and night. It looks like we should have never forced Parker to retire.

    • so YOU forced Parker to retire?? WOW, you must have some kind of pull behind the scenes huh? you’re more insane than most of us thought on here. I highly doubt DQ’s family even reads these blogs since they most likely get the news firsthand from him personally. But you on the other hand are doing exactly what you accuse them of doing….come here day and night, but you insult him. Wonder what that says about YOU and the quality of life you lead?

  23. Dear Boston Hockey Blog,

    I appreciate your coverage of the Terrier hockey team very much, and I like the idea of being able to post comments. Unfortunately, there are some who post solely to annoy others, and then there are the “aggrieved parties” that write in-kind responses. I would suggest that you only publish comments that deal with the substance of the matter being discussed in the article, and omit the silly back-and-forth posts. As aspiring journalists, I am sure that you’re concerned about censoring people, but believe me, eliminating this silliness will do nothing to harm the First Amendment, and it will make this section a better read.

  24. Anyone notice that it was our own Grzelcyk who fumbled away the puck to give Russia an easy, open-net goal to seal the loss for the USA. That’s another -1 for him.

  25. Yes I concur with the last responder. this blog is not fun to read anymore because of that one individual’s negativity.

    • That was a pretty lousy team. And congratulation to Grzelcyk for the turnover that sent the entire team home before the medal round and disgraced our school and country. Way to go for the personal awards instead of the team awards Grzelcyk!

    • Wow, you are a jerk. Grzelcyk had a great tournament and deserved to be named an MVP. It was a pleasure to watch him play alongside other talented players. No, team USA was not as strong as other years, and did not deserve to medal. However, the turnover caused by Grzelcyk losing an edge resulted in an open net goal……..which meant team USA was already losing the game! Your post is so infuriatingly inaccurate and biased. You are a disgrace to our school and country, not him!

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