BREAKING: Corey Trivino kicked off BU hockey team

By Tim Healey and Arielle Aronson/DFP Staff

UPDATE: 10:51 a.m.
Men’s hockey forward Corey Trivino, 21, pleaded not guilty to charges Monday stemming from an arrest by Boston University police late Sunday night after allegedly groping and attempting to rape a BU resident assistant.

The Metropolitan College senior was held without bail until his arraignment. Trivino, the leading goal scorer (13 goals) in Hockey East, was arraigned on seven different criminal charges at Brighton District Court on Monday.

Trivino has been permanently dismissed from the No. 9 Boston University men’s hockey team.

Trivino is charged with three counts of indecent assault and battery on a person over 14, one count of assault to rape, and three counts of breaking and entering in the nighttime for felony, according to criminal dockets obtained from Brighton District Court.

According to Jake Wark, Suffolk County District Attorney spokesman, Trivino was released without bail, but had to surrender his Canadian passport and was ordered to stay away from the victim and BU housing. If Trivino wishes to use his passport, he must post $25,000 cash bail, Wark said.

According to the BU Police Department police report, obtained from Brighton District Court, the incident began when the RA heard individuals in a room being extremely loud. The RA went to the room to tell them to quiet down, and Trivino followed her back to her room and pushed her door open, the report states. She said in the report that she told Trivino to go back to his room, but instead he allegedly started kissing and groping the victim. The victim told Trivino he was being inappropriate and should leave her room, and he left, according to the police report.

A few minutes later, Trivino allegedly returned and was banging on her door. The RA opened the door slightly and Trivino tried to kiss her, but she pushed him away, according to the police report. The RA said in the police report that she told Trivino “You need to stop,” and “You need to go.” Trivino allegedly cornered the victim by her desk and attempted to kiss her as she pushed him away, the police report said. She said in the police report that she managed to get him to leave at that time and she then texted a friend for help.

Trivino then returned a third time and banged loudly on the door, according to the report. The victim said in the report that she needed to open the door as part of her RA duties. Trivino allegedly forced his way in again and tried to kiss her, then sat on her bed, took his shoes off, said he would sleep there that night and laid down.

At that time, the RA called the Resident Director of the area, the police report said. When Trivino heard her on the phone with the Resident Director, he put his shoes on and ran out of her room, the police report said, and then the Resident Director told the RA to call the BUPD.

According to the police report, “a very intoxicated male” got on the elevator with the police responding to the call. The male identified himself as Trivino and identified his room number as that of the RA, the police report said, at which time he was arrested.

Trivino’s next court date is Jan. 18 at Brighton District Court.

UPDATE: 7:59 a.m.
Vinny Saponari, a former linemate and roommate of Trivino’s and currently a forward with Northeastern University, has not responded to a voicemail seeking comment. However, he had this to say on Twitter around 3 a.m. without directly mentioning Trivino: “Somtimes life takes turns you cant explain so you turn to friends n family n just have a little faith because things tend to work out #myboy.”

Senior forward Corey Trivino has been kicked off the BU hockey team as of Monday night, according to team sources. His removal from the team is reportedly due to an arrest Sunday night for breaking and entering and assault with an attempt to rape. More details to follow.


  1. Whoa. This won’t be good…

  2. That is very bad news just like a big shock!

  3. There is a reason Trivino was not added to be a captain along with Connolly. Yes, he is talented but he has that heir of entitlement and the coaches made one of their smartest decisions by NOT naming him a captain along with Connolly this year.

    The silver lining is that along with a vacuum in goals, there is also a vacuum of ice time waiting to be filled. Whether the ever improving juniors Courtnall & Gaudet, the superstars in waiting in Cisse & Hohman, OR someone else entirely if two or three players get an extra five minutes a game and thus each gets an extra Grade A chance or two, then come the stretch I am not convinced this will not actually help this team become even more cohesive and the stars of the future are gonna become the stars of the 2010-11 Hockey East season. With the three week break I really dont think this team misses a beat.

    PARKER has gotta feel vindicated as he was pressured by places including this web page to add Trivino as a captain this year, like it was an insult to OC to have Connolly as the only two year Captain since him. One thing Coach knew he didnt have to worry about with Connolly he couldnt be convinced of with Trivino – that a guy with a sweater on the front of his sweater would bring even more negative publicity with this incident if indeed he was a CAPTAIN and not just our leading goal scorer.

    I am glad the prima donna is gone.

  4. Parker should feel vindicated? Remind me again who recrutied the kid to bu? This should be a black mark on Parker’s record, not vindication.

  5. he has been a problem child…since day one…Good Kid from a small town..Very very Humble background and upbringing.Typical hockey story comes to the big city and “lets loose”. Sadly.. he has a history and while I get they are “adults” and college students and ultimately responsible for their actions, there should have been a very very tight leash on him, they are still “kids”. Sadly his performance this year probably loosened that leash. What is even more sad is that this has been a problem for him for a while and dare i say there is a deeper underlying issue with regards to his drinking…and that has been left unaddressed… I feel terrible first and foremost for the victim! but I do feel terrible for Trivino as well and hope he can turn his life around…

  6. Anonymous No. 3 and 5, can you please email us at sports@dailyfreepress.com. We have a few questions for you.

  7. As the father of two sports minded, young, boys, I always knew I would have to teach fair play, the ability to win with class and dignity and try to make them understand how they should always behave in a manner ” to make your family proud of you”. Thankfully, they have never had one of their favorite players “let them down” in the way they carry themselves, act or play their respective games. Until last night that is. Now I have to explain the do’s and don’ts of alcohol as well as no means no…UGH…

    I have met Corey, he has been very generous to my family, in terms of his time, his attitude when dealing with my sons and his generous nature of handing stuff to them at the arena. This is NOT the young man we have come to befriend and is such a shock and disappointment to me, as both a fan and a father. I am going to have to have a very dificult discussion with my 8 and 10 year old sons, but will use it as a teaching moment when I sit down with them later tonight.

  8. Jim, would you be able to email us at sports@dailyfreepress.com? We’re looking for background on Trivino.

  9. Arielle, why don’t you leave your commenters alone rather than chasing around someone that thinks they know about this kid or has some random story or unconfirmed information. You aren’t going to win a Pulitzer by adding a small line of irrelevant info to your story in the DFP that no one is going to read. Let the story speak for itself on the incident. Anything else is just noise around the story and you either look like you’re trying to profile him as a good kid or a bad kid and that is not how it should be done. Report on the facts and the verified info at hand.

    Kids on this team have been causing trouble a lot when drinking. At what point does Parker ask them to stop drinking altogether?

    How about digging into why this kid got kicked off the team and other kids in the past (John Sabo) were allowed to play through some equally serious incidents? Do some research there. Mind you Parker should have higher standards than innocent until proven guilty.

  10. what credible sources you have Arielle

  11. As I mentioned and alluded to in a previous post..It was no secret that Trivino had a drinking problem that went beyond the usual college hijinx. Now Coach Parker as you have just tweete admitted it himself and that he had asked Corey to enter rehab. That is the problem I was reffering to! Isnt it a sad day where hockey trumps the welfare of a young man with a serious problem…. He should have been forced to enter rehab or some sort of alcahol abuse program..and not been allowed to play hockey unless he did so. I have great respect for coach parker and the other coaches but the ball was dropped here… Hopefully the victim will be OK…and hopefully rock bottom will be the wake up call he needs..

  12. That is a huge pile of things being he possibly did wrong. Looks like hockey is out of his options for the rest of his life or anything for that matter

  13. Based on this post and the articles linked in comments I would guess that many of the charges won’t hold through arraignment but he still acted inappropriately. If he wants to salvage any chance of recovering his status it might do him well to apologize and agree to enroll in a substance abuse program.

  14. Here is a young man that had the tiger by the tail, and seemed to have everything going for him. He was having a great season on the ice, finally living up to the expectations that come with being an NHL 2nd round draft choice. He always was a good skater and penalty killer, and added a nice scoring touch. He had a bright future ahead of him.
    The present didn’t appear too bad, either. He’s a good-looking kid, a hockey player at BU … seems like that would equal Big Man on Campus status.
    He had so much going for him. But if you can’t handle your alcohol, it can ruin everything.
    I feel very badly for the young lady that was subjected to this type of behavior.
    I also have some sympathy for the Trivino family, who must have had such high hopes for the young man.

  15. Three years ago I lived the floor below Corey in a dorm and one morning I woke up to a completely naked guy in my roommate’s bed—when my roommate was out of town. All of my suitemates and I were engineers so we had gone to bed pretty early so we were all dumbfounded to see this strange boy inhabiting the spare bed. It wasn’t until later that we realized it was Corey who had somehow managed to wander downstairs completely naked and into our room (an assumption we made since there wasn’t any stray male clothing even remotely in the area).
    At the time I assumed it was a rookie mistake and told a friend of mine who was good friends with the hockey team, thinking a bit of teasing from his peers would help him straighten out, but apparently not. I guess it should have been a red flag when he showed no remorse for the fact that he was in a stranger’s room without any clothes and was even accusatory when it came to his nudity; asking us for his clothes back and not believing us when we said there was nothing. He didn’t even thank my suitemate when she gave him a pair of shorts she sleeps in so he didn’t have to walk back to his room naked in broad daylight (nor did he make any effort to return them).
    Corey was rude, hostile and took no accountability for his poor choices. I thought that making a big deal about my encounter with him would just stir up unnecessary drama but now I feel guilty that I didn’t try and tell a higher authority. Maybe a suspension early in his career would have prevented his attack on the poor girl who was just trying to do her job.

  16. Looking at this story as an alum, a former DFP mens’ hockey beat writer and the father of a 9-year-old hockey player (and an Islanders fan to boot), I am glad to see that coach Parker acted so decisively in kicking Trivino off the team. Your spot on the team is a privilege, not a right. That said, the story is very sad, not only for the poor RA who was assaulted, but for Trivino himself, who clearly has a problem that must be dealt with if he is to be a productive member of society, never mind being able to continue his hockey career. Hopefully he will get the help he needs and serve whatever sentence is handed him, and if he can do that, he should be afforded the chance to regain what he has lost.

  17. BU definitely did the right thing. I’m proud that I go to a school that this behavior is not tolerated, regardless of social status. It’s unfortunate that things like this happen all the time on college campuses and go unpunished, especially with people that have a gross sense of entitlement. BU and Parker made the best decision possible with the awful situation they were put in

  18. WOW! This isn’t just a story! This is the ruination of a great young athlete. What was he thinking? And for the young lady what a traumatic experience for her!
    I wish them all well and hope some good can come out of some bad!

  19. I feel like there are some holes in this story and from this – sounds like a drunken mistake. If he kissed her – how long did she wait to pull away? Did she lead him on at all? Lots of girls like it when a guy is pushy… Was she on call, or was she drinking too? Could be critical information. WHY oh WHY did she keep opening the door? “she needed to open the door as part of her RA duties”… ummm what kind of rule is this? When I was an RA – if someone “trying to rape you” is at the door, NO WAY do you need to open it!! Hellloooo.. call the police? We go over how to prevent this kind of thing in RA training and she did nothing for herself?

    THEN the whole part of pushing him away and only opening the door a little.. yet the next part of the story is him cornering her? Thought she pushed him away?

    If he did in fact overstep his boundaries, then I feel horrible, and no girl (or guy) should have to go through that… but she wasn’t raped and he was a horny drunk. People overstep their boundaries a lot – If he wasn’t a hockey player would this big of deal be made? Hard to tell..

  20. way to blame the victim, Anonymous. are you serious???

    “he was just being a horny drunk” = how date rape has been excused for a very long time.

    Let me ask you a question: let’s say this wasn’t a dorm. Let’s say it was a regular apartment building, and he was a guy she saw in passing but didn’t know. or, a total stranger. She makes a noise complaint, he follows her back to her room, barges in, won’t leave, corners her and kisses her. Do you still think it’s a “drunk mistake”? You don’t think she has the right to feel safe in her living environment, in her OWN ROOM? Yes, people do stupid things while drunk or on drugs all the time – they even commit crimes. That doesn’t lessen them or excuse them.

    I really hope you never have a daughter. God forbid the day she is sexually assaulted in her own bedroom and you question how long it took her to push the guy away, or excuse it as someone’s “drunk mistake”. Seriously – SHAME ON YOU.

  21. And I can’t believe you have the gall to say that “Some girls like it when guys get pushy”. Really??? I’m assuming you’re a guy because a woman knows what it’s like to be scared for her safety, as 1 in 3 women will be a victim of sexual assault in her lifetime – according to several documented studies. So I guess you don’t know then about going to a bar and making sure you watch the bartender make your drink so you know the guy buying it isn’t trying to drug you, fear of your car breaking down on the highway when you are driving alone, fear of walking alone late at night, being unable to take a cheaper ground-floor apartment over one higher up and more expensive, having your keys out and ready and being hypervigilant as you walk to your car in an empty parking lot. I could go on and on. Women deal with the realities of sexual assault from both strangers and people we know on a day to day basis – it’s something we always have to be wary of. And no, we don’t want men to force themselves on us, or “be pushy” as you put it. Being pushy is called coercion, and being coerced into consent is also called rape. You might want to review the laws on sexual offenses as well as your own moral compass before you go on your next date.

  22. It’s weird that she kept opening the door and then said that it was part of her duties as an RA to open the door. I would maybe believe that if the doors did not have peepholes– they do. She could clearly see who was at her door and there was not even the slightest possibility of it being a different student with a legitimate concern requiring her attention. I’m just not buying it 100%. I would feel a lot more confident in this girl’s story if she had simply alerted the proper authorities after he attempted to come back the second time. When does it ever make sense to open the door for a person who allegedly attempted to rape you?

  23. Another BU hockey player assaults a defenseless BU student. Tell me something new. Their captain kicked a fellow student in the face while he was lying on the ground a few years ago.

  24. The whole opening the door multiple times is odd, and hopefully will be clarified as the case continues. Either way, best of luck to each student, who both have to deal with finals and just being a student this week on top of all this. Regardless of who/what/why happened it is a shame for both families and parties. While reports have people interpret and speculate what happened, none of us were there and can never say for sure. The truth will eventually come out and justice will be served appropriately. I hope the vacation break gives time for each student to heal and deal with their issue as this will only become more intense for each.

  25. 1. You cannot force a drug/alcohol abuser to get help.
    2. If the staff new of his alcohol abuse then he should have been off the team until he had taken care of the problem.
    3. He can get his life together. This isnt the end.

  26. There are multiple examples of young Canadian hockey players (a good percentage of which are from comparitively “small towns”) getting into trouble (and worse, dead) from the combination of hockey dreams, youthful arrogance and alcohol. I know the WHL has had multiple instances of players 19-20 years old, falling down drunk outside in the elements and succumbing to nature. That is a very broken component of their hockey machine at all junior levels.

    Trivino might be able to put this behind him, but I fear the RA will have problems much longer than he.

  27. This is another sad day for BU hockey. I have followed the Terriers from 1965 on and this story is hard to take. Arielle’answer bag this year reported that the hockey guys are mostly from MET College and go to night school. This is not college. Parker should be recruiting players who want to go to a world class institution first, play hockey second. When I was at BU in the 60’s there were three varsity players in my classes, full time. Many times they would be on the MTA with me going to our part time jobs for money needed for food and dates. They practiced early in the morning as the Boston Arena rink was being used by multiple teams. These student- hockey players had at need scholarships.They were for poor boys needing an education and most were in the school of Education. Their goal was to becaome a teacher here or in Canana after graduation. They always played “BU Hockey” almost every night. Today we have pampered brats who get everything they need and wind up drunks. Jack Parker was part of this legacy so I don’t understand his problem. I knpw things have changed but the school part is the main problem. These kids should not be in MET College but be part of the regular day school life. They have too much time on their hands. Dr Brown shouild get involved here and lay it on the line to Parker. In the Hockey East awards last year for school excelence only Ruikka’s name was there representing BU. All other schools had many represented. Arielle, you are a great writer please get to the bottom of this and write a long item for the Boston Globe, BU News and the blog. You are there and must know more than anyone. Thank you, Arielle.

  28. In the 1960s none of the hockey players that came to BU, or any other college for the most part, had any real shot at playing in the NHL. For the vast majority of them, college hockey was the pinnacle of their hockey careers.
    Times have changed. Dramatically.
    If you want to compete, you have to go after the best players. Just about all of them have professional hockey ambitions.
    BU is in Hockey East. They built Agganis Arena.
    BU is not going back to the 1960s.
    Sure, you’d like them to be real student-athletes while they are in college. So long as they remain academically eligible, and making progress toward a degree, that is the best you are going to get today if you expect to compete at the highest level of college hockey.

  29. Is anyone looking into the story that chick just confided a few posts back? The one about finding him naked in her roommate’s empty bed when he was a freshman. I know Corey and I think he’s a good kid, but shit if that’s not a “red flag” than I don’t know what is. Weird.

  30. I’m curious as one of the posters stated that all the players were in the MET school. I find that hard to believe. Can someone find out where each player is going (which school they are in). There have to be some smart ones aside from Ruikka. Student athletes (not all athletes /quasi students). If so can you list them and where…thanks

  31. Chiasson, Escobedo, Hohmann, Ronan, Ruikka and Santana are in CAS. Courtnall, Gaudet, Megan and Rollheiser are in SHA. Rosen and Rodrigues are in SMG. Moccia is in Sargent. The rest are either in CGS or MET.

  32. Arielle, as I’m a local fan and not part of the univeristy, I don’t really understand the CAS, SHA, SMG, Sargent, CGS and MET (maybe a little of MET since it was discussed here). Can you give me a little information on what each one means in terms of studies and if it is, shall we say, rocket science coursework or basket weaving? Thank you.

  33. Friend of BU Hockey

    Anonymous #32:

    CAS – College of Arts and Sciences (the “flagship” school/college within the university). All students must take courses in CAS as part of their required and/or elective curriculum.

    SHA – School of Hospitality Administration

    SMG – School of Management

    Sargent – Sargent College of Health (i.e. Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, etc.)

    CGS – College of General Studies (this is a structured 2-year program for Freshmen and Sophomores who, upon successful completion, transfer into another school/college within BU to complete their degree)

    MET – Metropolitan College (it should be noted that many CAS courses are also offered thru MET, and are taught on weeknights).

    There’s also COM (College of Communication), SED (School of Education), ENG (College of Engineering), CFA (College of Fine Arts) and UNI (University Professors Program) amongst undergraduate schools/colleges.

  34. Thank you for the listing. Are any of these harder, more prestigious or carry more academic clout than others? Trying to get a feel for who on the team are the committed student athletes vs. those who just go to school so they can play…

  35. Anonymous above, that would be quite judgemental. The fact is, most of these kids could be playing in the CHL right now playing close to 70 games a season and taking a course or 2 or none online. Just because some might have a higher GPA than others or done better on an SAT doesn’t mean the others don’t care.

  36. Friend of BU Hockey

    @ Anonymous #32/#34 — in CAS, the rigor of the academic workload depends upon one’s major(s). SMG is definitely challenging – lots of team/group-based work. SHA programs require lots of SMG courses as well. Sargent College is amongst the best nationally for its areas of expertise and is very demanding.

    I know of at least 2 team members whom this past Summer held internships while also taking classes and maintaining their workout regimen.

  37. someone posted earlier…”he has been a problem child…since day one…Good Kid from a small town..Very very Humble background and upbringing.”

    What? He was from Toronto. Some small town. He was a good kid who was under a spotlight from a very young age as talented hockey players in the Toronto area are. He was always polite, a good student and kid. I coached him as a kid one year…and over a few summer teams. I wish him well.

  38. Doesn’t rape seem like a harsh charge? What he did was undoubtedly inappropriate and unacceptable, but to be put in the same category as RAPE doesn’t seem right. Even if her RA duties required she opened the door, I feel like if the girl was truly afraid that something serious was going to happen to her, she would have kept the door shut. As far as I’m aware, all dorm room doors have peepholes; she could have checked to see if the person at the door was him or someone who actually needed her attention. He also left the room multiple times; I think if rape was really his intention, he would have, well, just done it. I’m not dismissing the victim at all, I don’t doubt that this was a highly traumatizing experience; still, I think in light of everything that this incident shouldn’t be considered attempted RAPE, but some lower sex offense. (Sorry, my knowledge of law is nearly zip, so I’m not sure what other options there may be.)

  39. The charge is ATTEMPTED RAPE not rape. It’s pretty clear from the events that he was attempting to have some type of sexual contact with the girl without her consent. Having sexual contact with a person without their consent is rape, period. And he ATTEMPTED to have sexual contact with her WITHOUT HER CONSENT. Hence, the charge is ATTEMPTED RAPE.

  40. about 6 or 7 years ago,parked left a kid on the team who beat a fellow bu student ( in a bar) so bad that he had permanent brain damage.,…he said he’d deal with it after the season was over…remember who that was????…john sabo nov 21, 2003

  41. This is very frustrating that people who don’t know Corey or the RA who pressed charges are posting such things. They KNEW each other, everyone. They were hooking up earlier this year.

  42. irrelevant. whether they were or not is absolutely irrelevant. Clearly he was told no. Perhaps if your idea of dating and rape wasn’t as a 13 old kids, you’d see that plainly

  43. Nobody here knows the real story of what truly happened. Let’s wait to see in January what happens. The truth will present itself.

  44. I don’t want to presume too much, but I don’t think I’m doing so in thinking her opening of the door multiple times is entirely understandable.

    Firstly, as an RA who just reprimanded a noise violation, she was probably afraid of how his (it was specified, loud) knocking might look. The fact that “grey areas” in sexual assault even exist as a concept is responsible for a lot of reflexive victim blaming and a lot of failure to report. Not to mention a history of universities choosing PR over justice (generally, not BU) for even non-famous suspects.

    The question as I was reading was “what prompted the reporting?” I highly doubt it’d crossed her mind at that point, and it does not surprise me at all that someone suggested it, and validated her discomfort as worthy of concern, that it actually happened. As one poster alluded, every woman has been the subject of unwanted sexual advances that they have been conditioned to deal with in an unassertive and even deferent manner. This may seem like an extreme example, but go to any bar with a dance floor with weekend, count how many women smile and giggle as they resist a strangers dry-humping, think about how many “bad-date” stories you’ve heard where flagrantly unwelcome sexual advances are punished only by never calling again… while I admit I’m an especially non-assertive person raised in an extremely gender-normative culture, I’m sure I’m in a majority of women who has ever thought “frigid bitch” before “he has no right,” even as the potential for escalation was very real.